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The hackers are accused of some 60 computer break-ins, including from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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Before the widespread use of computers and the Internet, 'phreakers' used the more prevalent playground of telephone networks. John Draper, a.k.a. Cap'n Crunch, finds a toy-whistle allows callers to circumvent billing systems for long distance calls

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Since not all humans are evenly smart and intelligent there are various types of hackers and methods to gain access to computers.
Poulsen, already a fugitive facing federal telecommunications and computer charges, is accused of conspiring with two other hackers, Ronald Mark Austin and Justin Tanner Peterson, to seize control of incoming phone lines at the radio stations.


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One of the hacks that was created in the 60s, 1969 to be exact, was created to act as an open set of rules to run machines on the computer frontier.
Hacking also can be cracking a code (Enigma code during WWII, modern spies deciphering secret messages, or just for the fun of the intellectual challenge!)

Using a personal computer and modem it became possible to commandeer a phone company's digital central office switch by dialing in remotely, and Kevin became adept at doing so.

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Mastery of a local telephone company switch offered more than just free calls: It opened a window into the lives of other people to eavesdrop on the rich and powerful, or on his own enemies.

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1994A 16-year-old music student called Richard Pryce, better known by the hacker alias Datastream Cowboy, is arrested and charged with breaking into hundreds of computers including those at the Griffiths Air Force base, Nasa and the Korean Atomic Research Institute.

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Hacking can also be done to perform reverse engineering of software whereof the source code is lost. Mostly done with legacy or so called "Ben Hur" (old) systems

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Also this year, a group directed by Russian hackers breaks into the computers of Citibank and transfers more than $10 million from customers' accounts.

becomes the first major magazine for telephone and computer hacking.

In Milwaukee a group of hackers called 414 broke into systems at institutions ranging from the Los Alamos Laboratories to Manhattan's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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With a flourish one of the fake names they used was "John Draper," who was an actual computer programmer also known as the legendary phone phreak, Captain Crunch, the phone numbers were actually misrouted numbers that would ring at a coffee shop pay phone in Van Nuys.