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This is a map of American native tribe nations. This map also includes pictures of Indian tribes. Also some artifacts!

: Histories of individual Mi'kmaq First Nations.

: Evolving list of books about Native Americans in general.

: Little Turtle's defeat of the American army and the unfolding history of Indian-white relations.
Baseball’s Boston Braves adopted their team name in 1912. The Cleveland Indians took theirs in 1915. Scores of high schools and colleges across the country assumed these and other Indian team names in the 1920s and 1930s, even as so-called civilization regulations forbade Native Americans to speak their languages, practice their religions or leave their reservations.

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: Historical maps for the Micmacs and other Native Americans of Maine.
The trademark registration case could well wind up in the Supreme Court, which shares a neighborhood with the National Museum of the American Indian. Gover wryly points to a landmark Supreme Court decision in the 19th century that essentially said American land belongs to its European discoverers, not its original people.


Donald Trump’s long history of clashes with Native Americans

Phillip Gover, his son, is one of the Native American petitioners who is challenging the Washington team’s federal trademark registrations in a long-running court case.

Washington, DC -- Kevin Gover, director of the National Museum of the American Indian, poses for a picture in his office on Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

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“All of this was taking place outside the view of the average American,” Gover says. “At that time, someone living in Philadelphia — or, more tellingly, in Cleveland or Boston — might conclude there are no Indians anymore. They are gone. And, in fact, that was the objective of federal policy. … So there were a lot of very powerful forces at work to deny Native American people of agency over their own identities and their very lives. And that’s when the mascots emerged.”

Donald Trump has a long history of insulting Native Americans

Most damning, Native American children were often taken from their families and sent to boarding schools under an assimilation policy that amounted to cultural genocide. Its motto: “Kill the Indian and save the man.” Students were told not to speak their languages, even to each other. Their long hair was cut short. They were taught reading, writing, arithmetic and — in a form of state-sponsored religion — Christianity.

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Congress granted the Secretary of the Interior supervision over American Indian affairs in the late 19th Century. The Department of the Interior imposed a series of rules that essentially outlawed Native American culture. The department also created quasi-criminal laws and codes of conduct — offenses and penalties that applied only to American Indians — complete with kangaroo courts and provisional prisons, all of it designed to “civilize” Native Americans.

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“These were bad times,” Gover tells USA TODAY Sports. “It was as bad as Native American life in North America had ever been. The population had collapsed from several million to about 250,000, largely confined to reservations, entirely at the mercy of the federal government.”