• The Victorian Era
  • --A look at school life in the late Victorian Era
  • --Scrapbook images of Victorian-era valentines

These social classes did not just hang over people’s heads, but was an important part of life in the Victorian Age.

--Romanceetiquette in the Victorian era

--Explore streets and London as they were in the Victorianera

--A look at the phenomenon and authors of sensation literature in the Victoria Era
Not only is Curran looking to further the understanding of middle-class Victorian values but she is also trying to argue against the historical view that middle class women were cared for if widowed through either family generosity, their late husbands life insurance, or remarriage....

The Egyptomania of the Victorian Era ..

The lifestyles of the Victorian people greatly influences the aspects of theater in the era....
The sixty-four year period of Queen Victoria’s reign, known as the Victorian Era, was “a time of progress and prosperity in England.” (English Literature 485).


The Victorian Literary Studies Archive

--A history of the life and work of this Pre-Raphaelite artist from The Victorian Web
N2 - Cognitive psychologists studying the reading process have developed a detailed conceptual vocabulary for describing the microprocesses of reading. Modified for the purposes of literary criticism, this vocabulary provides a framework that has been missing from most literary-critical investigations of the history of literate practice. Such concepts as the production of a coherent memory representation, the limitations of working memory span, the relation between online and offline reading processes, the landscape model of comprehension, and the presence of standards of coherence allow for close attention to general patterns in reading and to the ways that individual readers' modify them. The interpretation of Victorian responses to the poetry of Robert Browning provides a case study in the adaptation of cognitive models to the history of reading. Such an adaptation can reveal not only reading strategies used by historical readers but also those fostered by the discipline of literary criticism. (AE)

Teaching Victorian Literature in theElectronic Age" (Jonathan Smith, U.
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Since 1993, VICTORIA has provided that beloved Victorian thing, a "cheap luxury," in the shape of a free electronic forum for the exchange of research ideas and queries, notices of recent books, conference listings, and lively discussion of a vast variety of issues, large and small, that bear on the study of "the long 19th century" (say, 1790 to 1914) in Britain.

conducting research on the Victorian Era in ..

The effects of past and present technology, changes in work, leisure, media and homelife that affect lifestyle trends, attitudes, fashion trends and shopping trendsetters are all covered in the various eras. Newer sections such as hats, hair, cloaks and capes, ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman fashion history continue to explore and make this a great web fashion history and costume history resource. Some sections also include consumer tests for example on plus tips on how to buy and sell vintage, pattern drafting and Christmas themes.

The Victorian Era was also a time of tremendous scientific ..

VICTORIA equally welcomes the contributions of students of literature, social history, politics, gender studies, publishing, art, and intellectual history.

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Creative Inspiration: The Victorian Era

Much of the information in this site has educational and research value and can be an asset for teachers, students, historians and history buffs studying United States / American nineteenth century history, including the, Mexican War, California Gold Rush, Victorian Era, Indian Wars and Edwardian Era.