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A Maine Man in the Making (1950): The story of growing up in Maine with a father who was a farmer and a Civil War veteran.

12 Lessons You Can Only Learn From Growing Up On A Dairy Farm!

12 Lessons You Can Only Learn From Growing Up On A Dairy Farm

The Summer of Ordinary Ways (2005): Memoir of growing up on a Minnesota dairy farm.
Wisconsin Farm Technology Days (WFTD) is an annual event. WFTD started in 1954 as a plowing contest. It was soon developed to demonstrate improvements for rural life and ways tomechanize the hard manual work that was common then. Starting as Farm Progress Days its name was changed to Farm Technology Days to more accurately represent the agriculture innovations of today.

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Cheap Gossip (The Letters from Liverpool)  (1989): Series of essays on growing up in Hancock, Maine, in the post-war years.
Letters from Applehurst (1923): An editor leaves his office to come to a little farm he calls Applehurst, first to build up his nervous system, and second to do his bit toward preventing a food shortage later in the year.


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22 Times The "Growing Up In Wisconsin" Hashtag Was Too Real
The Dark Well: Coming of Age on a Maine Farm (1997): Lively account of growing up on an isolated Maine farm during the Great Depression, in which Shaw uses her memoir to uncover the mysteries of her origins. Also provides verbal pictures of horse-haying, hand-milking, and joys and sorrows of the transition from a simpler way of life. Highly literate, humorous.

22 Times The "Growing Up In Wisconsin" Hashtag Was Too Real ..
March 14, 2010, The snow drifts in the garlic field were over waist high this winter. Two days ago there was still about a foot of snow covering things out there. Today the snow is gone and there are little twisted gnarly looking green garlic sprouts everywhere. The poor little things were indeed trying their best to grow under the heavy snow all winter as they hadn't yet sprouted before the snow fell last fall. Most importantly though, the yard is full of robins and red winged blackbirds again. Spring is here!!! (of course that means we'll probably have a blizzard within the next week or two...that's Wisconsin weather though!)

these massive growing operations coming to Wisconsin.

Remembering Laughter (1937/1996): Novella that relates how the loneliness and beauty of a remote Iowa farm affect a young woman who has come to live with her older married sister. She becomes attracted to her sister's husband, who drinks too much, but treats her very kindly, and the story grows out of these circumstances.

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May 5, 2010, Our spring weather here in Wisconsin has been a month ahead of schedule and the garlic is loving it! Here is a photo of it this evening enjoying a brisk prairie breeze. It's hard to believe the gnarly little things in the photo below turn into such beautiful plants with just a little warm and sunny weather. The garlic scapes should start forming around the end of May and on into early June. We are really looking forward to eating fresh scapes and making some fresh garlic scape pesto again. If you'd like to be notified when the scapes are ready just drop us an email. We'd be happy to sell you some to try. If you are local we can arrange to have you stop out and pick them up and if you're not local and would like some sent to you, we could arrange that as well. We've already snuck a few bulbs out of the ground to eat as fresh green garlic (use them just as you would green onions) and we can already say that this year's crop is absolutely delicious! We promise we'll try our best not to eat them all before harvest time....

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August 29, 2010 - Today we were thrilled and honored to welcome Wisconsin's very own Alice in Dairyland, Christine (Lepple) Lindner, to our farm! We had a wonderful time visiting with Christine and telling her all about our garlic growing hobby and the various garlic varieties that we're growing and planning on adding. For more information on the Alice in Dairyland program and to follow her interesting travels around the state, click It was a true pleasure meeting you Christine! It seems that you've inspired our daughter to aspire to become a future Alice in Dairyland. (you'd probably better hide your crown!!) Clickif you'd like to see our interview with Christine on YouTube.

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April 21, 2009 - It's time for the annual April photo of our sprouting garlic field here on the prairie. When you live in Wisconsin it always seems like such a miracle when you see green sprouting each spring! The garlic is looking good so far. Today was rain mixed with snow and it's supposed to be 78 degrees on Friday; it's typical spring weather in Wisconsin. Ya gotta love it! (the 78 degree part that is!)