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xi) The Great Gatsby is indeed about money, but it also explores its aftermath of greed.

Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

The novel The Great Gatsby mirrors the decade of the 1920's.

F Scott Fitzgerald answers this question within his novel The Great Gatsby.
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With the end of World War I came deep-seated fears of political radicalism, the beginnings of what would become the "Red Scare." Before the end of the Wilson presidency, Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer led raids on leftist organizations such as the International Workers of the World, a labor union. Palmer hoped his crusade against radicalism would usher him into the presidency. He created the precursor to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which collected the names of thousands of suspected Communists.

The novel The Great Gatsby mirrors thedecade of the 1920's.

There is a resemblance of events fromAmerica's great events to the great events in Gatsby's life.
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The Johnsons traveled the globe photographing and filming their adventures in Africa, the South Pacific and elsewhere. In order to finance their trips, the Johnsons signed contracts to advertise tobacco, soft drinks, cosmetics and coffee. Their films proved extremely popular and, for a time, Osa Johnson's popularity matched that of Eleanor Roosevelt or Ann Lindbergh.


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This is vividly displayed in The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald's use of mortal characters as religious influences.
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The novel The Great Gatsby is a reflection of this decade, it illustrates the burning passion one man has toward his "American Dream" and the different aspects of the dream.

The Great Depression was much like Gatsby's death – the fall of the great man, the fall of great America.
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How does the principal flautist of the Mexico City Symphony find his way to a barn in Lincoln, Massachusetts? Such was Antonio’s journey from musical virtuoso to Says You! Major Domo. Faced with engineering a show often interrupted by passing locomotives and bovine bellowing, he managed to give the show its clear and distinct sound and never miss a muttered musing or whispered witticism. A graduate of McGill University and producer of CD’s for labels worldwide – Antonio is a mastering engineer, editor, and recording genius. And some day we hope he’ll be proud enough of his contribution to our show… to put it on his resume.

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The reflection on the 1920's is depicted throughout The Great Gatsby with every event that occurred in Gatsby's life, and himself as a man is a representation of "America" or "The American People."

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald : Chapter 7

As Nick reminisces of Gatsby's funeral he remembers this: "[Nick] tried to think about Gatsby then for a moment, but he was already too far away, and then [Nick] could only remember, without resentment, that Daisy hadn't sent a message or a flower.

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The issues of growth, progress and money become a major theme in American society, which is why Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby focuses on this problem.

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When the Democrats nominated Al Smith, an Irish-Catholic from New York's Lower East Side, for President in 1928, the party closed ranks behind him, but economic prosperity and anti-Catholic sentiment kept Smith from being elected. He is credited with awakening a vast army of immigrants in the big cities and with shifting African-American voters toward the Democrats.

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Scott Fitzgerald, has been celebrated as one of the greatest, if not the greatest American novel. Yet this is ironic for the society which has so hailed the book is precisely that which is criticized throughout it. Politically, the American dream was a foundation of ideals and hopes for any and every American individual. Specifically, one of the ideals was an American dream free of class distinction; that every person has the opportunity to be whomever they hope to be. In a sort of Cinderella-like fashion, it is in essence an ideal of social mobility and freedom. The social reality, however, i...