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The gender wage gap is a measure of what women are paid relative to men
And should we assume that governments should take the lead? In 2009, President Obama signed into law the , which expands the right to sue in cases of unequal pay. But that’s a pretty narrow advance. President Obama and others want more legislation to try to close the gender pay gap. I asked Claudia Goldin if she thinks this is a good idea, and if so, what kind of legislation makes sense?

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Now, when it comes to single parents, that's another issue. Single parents in general earn less than single non-parents or married parents. Like 80% of single parents are women. But the reason for this is that women get preferential custody and women have worked to get laws on the books that make it more likely they will get custody of children. The only real way to fix the statistical impact of single parenting on the gender pay gap is to award parental rights to men at a rate equal to women, but this is something that women fight against, so again it is a problem of their own making.


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It is this pursuit, of what Claudia Goldin calls “temporal flexibility,” that Goldin sees as perhaps the most powerful explanation for the gender pay gap. As she told us, it doesn’t seem as though outright discrimination or differences in competitive drive or bargaining ability can account for much of the difference. But that need, or desire, for flexibility in the workplace leads to a split that’s very clear in the data — a split that has to do with job selection.

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GOLDIN: So, what I did was I took all of the occupations in the Census and then I looked at the top paying 105 occupations. So, the point that I’m drawing is about $60,000 a year. So, the occupations then divide into those in the corporate and finance sector, those in health, those in science and technology, which I can group together. And then there is this other group that’s just very hard to put in one or the other — lawyers, for example, would be in that one. And what I find — it’s very clear — is that the gender wage gaps, when you correct for the stuff you can correct for in the Census, you find that the biggest wage gaps are in the corporate, the financial sectors, also law, and the health occupations in which there is a high fraction of ownership, of self-employment — so the podiatrists, for example, the chiropractors. So, the ones that have the smallest difference between male and female earnings with these corrections are the technology occupations and the science occupations and the health occupations where there is a small degree of self-employment — as is true today for, for example, pharmacists.

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Do not assume that pursuing a female-dominated career makes it all better. The top three male-dominated occupations (software developer, computer-systems administrator, and construction manager) all offered higher average pay than the top three female-dominated jobs (elementary-school teacher, registered nurse, and human-resources specialist). The average income for a 22-year-old man in this analysis was $40,800 while a 22-year-old woman made $31,090. This huge gap shows how necessary it is to make careers less gender-oriented.

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The big question of the gender pay gap has to be broken down into a set of smaller questions. And then you have to find the data to answer them. When someone like Claudia Goldin does that, it’s pretty obvious that the statistic cited by everyone from Sarah Silverman to President Obama isn’t quite right. Because women aren’t getting paid twenty-some percent less than men for doing the same work. They are, however, often doing different work, or work that affords more flexibility — which tends to pay less.

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What exactly is the difference between men and women regarding salaries? Why is this a big deal? The study found that men at the 6-year mark make roughly $4,000 a year more than women at ten years. Basically a man will make more in six years than a woman will in ten years. A young man right out of college makes an average hourly wage of $20.94 while a woman generally makes $16.58 an hour. That makes a $9,000 annual difference!

When doing this, we still see a gender wage gap

Now, it may be that if you put a dollar value on the flexibility, it could offset a lot of the actual, salary dollars. In any case, there would seem to be kinda-sorta good news here, which is that discrimination doesn’t seem to be the main culprit in the gender pay gap. Or at least it’s hard to find a smoking gun, as Claudia Goldin says. But not impossible.