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It was no coincidence that what many people called the second red scare ignited after World War 2, during the Cold War, in the 1950’s.

The Red Scare and McCarthyism both made everything else worse.

The Red Scare is most commonly referred to as Truman’s Cold War.

An ideological war which prompted mass paranoia known as the Red Scare had spread through the US.
The 1920’s red scare started because Americans were paranoid over the fact that Russia may seek revenge after they had overthrown a royal Russian family in 1917....

This scare was caused as a result of the Cold War in the 1950’s.

Few Americans today even know what the “Red Scare” was, let alone fear these ideas.
For example, in 1950, 151 actors, writers, directors, producers, musicians, journalists, and other people involved with entertainment were accused of being reds with no evidence.


The Red Scare was a product of World War I and anti-liberalism.

This is a similar theme that dominated the 1920s in America during the Red Scare.
During the Red Scare, Many people were brought for questioning that will determine whether they supports the idea of communism or not and some of them who were brought for questioning were unfortunate.

The Red Scare is reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials in that people were accused of doing something they did not do, they were only given the choices of condemn or confess, and more harm was done than avoided as a result of the scares....

What everyone learned from the Red Scare was freedom of expression.

At the heart of the Red Scare was the conscription law of May 18, 1917, which was put during World War I in order for the armed forces to be able to conscript more Americans....

People read Ghost stories because they enjoy being scared.

The Courts Mass Hysteria Increasing Severity Integrity Accusations Contempt and fear of the courts were large factors in both the Red Scare and the Crucible.

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However, these numbers are small in comparison with the 170,000 draft dodgers and 2,810,296 men who were inducted into the armed forces.
Objectors were targeted in the Red Scare after the war.

Now that the war is was finally over - Red Scare introduction

Upon his refusal to release any names, the court stated, "his refusal to name names would invite charges of being unpatriotic and in connection with Un-American ties." In return, he stated, "I decline to make any such statement, which I found demeaning; what right had any organization to demand anyone's pledge of loyalty?" He was indicted and found guilty of contempt of congress on May 31, 1957 The Red Scare was basically just one huge breakout of mass hysteria.

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Arthur Miler included this in the Crucible to show how the courts punished innocent people for trying to save others in both the Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trials and the courts did not even recognize it.

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He came to light as a prominent leader of the Nazi Party, as he seized his massive power by spreading Red Scare, or the fear of Communism (Sanford, p....