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New wave of Saudi artists excited to mold emerging popular culture. Artists say that it will take time for Saudi audiences to appreciate and nurture local talent

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22/01/2013 · New wave of Saudi artists excited to mold emerging popular culture
New technologies combined with more liberal trade policies are creating pressure on the cultural policies that have served to create a strong and diverse Canadian culture. The challenge for Canada is to achieve a balance between measures which aim to foster cultural expression and our international trade obligations. The changes in our cultural marketplace highlight the urgent need for government and the cultural industries to review our cultural policies and refine our cultural strategies. To keep cultural goods and services from being treated like commodities -- to maintain and enhance our cultural diversity -- we must be aware of the changes that are occurring around us, and be prepared to respond.

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Right now, the international "disciplines" governing trade in goods are more extensive than those covering trade in services. However, as we have seen in recent negotiations, disciplines are becoming more extensive for investment and trade in services and intellectual property rights. Canada must be prepared to respond to efforts to treat cultural products like other goods and services.


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Jan 15, 2007 · Sweet, Leonard (ed.) 2003, The Church in Emerging Culture: Five Perspectives (Grand Rapids, Zondervan)As the title suggested, this is a …
In the midst of this economic integration, countries are striving to promote their cultural identity. Canada's cultural policies have served us well in the past. The growing pressure from new technologies and globalization highlight the urgent need for strong cultural policies in the future. Without strong cultural policies, we will become simply producers and consumers of tradeable goods and services. We will no longer have our own stories.

Cultural industries, like other sectors, are seeing rapid growth in multinational corporations. As companies try to position themselves to prosper from the information economy, mergers and consortiums -- firms from different countries working together to bring a product to a world market -- are becoming common. In many cases, artists and producers are thinking less about their domestic market and more about global markets.

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However, with the emergence of new cultural industries such as multimedia, the related trade issues may become more complex. New links between cultural content, telecommunications, and business and industry applications are making it more difficult to define cultural products for purposes of trade agreements. Convergence is raising questions about the scope of goods and services that can be considered culturally significant.

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Multimedia products are just steps on the way to truly interactive products that will soon be part of our everyday lives. These new products, which will draw on content produced by the film, television, sound recording, book, magazine and cultural arts industries, will have applications far beyond what we usually consider the world of culture and entertainment. They will be found in business and industry, blurring the traditional definition of a cultural product.

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It is time to determine how Canada can find the balance between its cultural policy objectives and its international trade obligations. As a nation, we believe in the benefits of open markets, but we are concerned about the effect that globalization of trade, combined with rapid technological change, may have on our identity as a nation, our culture and our sense of community. These are putting pressure on Canada's cultural policies and raising questions. How can Canada continue to nurture its culture and identity, and still be an active participant in the free trading world? How should Canada use its cultural toolbox? Do we need new policies and approaches?

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Convergence is making it easier and less expensive for magazine and book publishers to make their products. It is also helping artists create whole new cultural products: multimedia products -- such as CD-ROMs, video games, virtual reality, digital animation and interactive education and training programs. It is also changing traditional and cultural products. For example, an online magazine will be less expensive to produce, and will be able to integrate sound and film, making "reading" a magazine a very different experience.