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When Skynyrd criticized Neil Young’s “Southern Man,” it was for the sweeping generalization of all southerners as rednecks.

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Duality Within Life | Two Minds One Entity

The ship's  figurehead, a typical example of this tradition, took many forms over the centuries.
Thank you for finally putting the pieces together for me! I was putting so much effort into duality and the acceptance of both sides and then got distracted by all the ‘lightwork’ i SHOULD be doing, but at the same time felt that something was wrong with it. If we are integrating all aspects of ourselves, then why the polarising to the light?? Thank you for answering this for me and bringing me back to the integration. Much love to you and i hope this message reaches all who are ready to read it.

When we think about the term ‘Duality’ generally

The theme of sensuality emerges in many design elements, particularly in classic automobiles.
For a long time I thought this set up on earth to be really yucky. A god who hates evil and wants to destroy all who do not comply with its ideas, and a devil an anti god who feels the same way about the so called good god, both sides intent on destroying the other. Since God is said to be omnipotent, the source of all, etc etc, this amounts to a bod that only self destructs, sets itself against itself. This maya illusion needs to be transcended. All our problems in the world are brought about through this false paradigm. Divide and conquer dogs of war say. Wake up to the truth I say by abandoning divisive dual thinking, and arrive at the original I AM essence of self, for therein lies truth.


We can perceive the concept as the ‘two-sidedness’ of the world

By the end of World War II the pin-up  the pin-up photos of Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable.
Some time ago I read something very interesting about spirituality( the first time I found out about spirituality was at the site truthcontest when I was about 11 but I was immature at that time, I got scared about what I read and said to myself that they were crazy, then at age 16 I somehow found the same site again but then I was ready to read the entire text with an open mind) I found so many good points and I had this: “yeah I want to follow this ” feeling, then some days( weeks or months) later I come across something else that made me doubt parts of what I earlier read about (sometimes I doubt almost everything I have read about spirituality texts). This have happened a lot of times already its a repeating pattern and the result is that I feel confused.

mm, I kind of have a problem and since my family don´t really understand me within this particular area (its a great family by the way, I really love them) I feel that this might be a good place to get some response of because you seem like open minded and kind people, my father though is the closest to understand me, he knows about the control system that have been put upon us by elite families that have controlled us for millennia. But he kinda, I don´t know how to explain, maybe he’s more stuck into the material, physical world than I am, at least it feels like that way I don´t know that might be a false statement since I can’t read what he is thinking, its just a feeling I have.

What is Non-Duality? | Jeff Foster

I can hardly understand what he is writing, maybe because my perception of the world is completely different from what he perceives. I personally think I am a very blessed human being as I feel assisted by the angels and God every day. I felt so much anger in this article. Everything exists for its own purpose, let it be. There might be points he made are correct, but I guess it’s not the best way to convey it. I just felt heart broken reading it. I don’t know what this article really brings, perhaps ironically, ‘false’ light.

by Nic Higham of Nonduality Network

Cameron you are half right about the missions. How can you fight the Demiurge without being on missing. You too must remember a very key fact. Information and disinformation and confusion is everywhere, so even your message must be discerned through the Universe so you yourself are not accidentally part of the confusion. People must put the spiritual and metaphysical tools to the test to win. If you know how he works, you must learn to use the tools the Universe has given. What do you mean there is no side if there is true evil and true purity. Much work is at play and since you understand the power of the Demiurge so well you must continue to question your own agenda and “the agenda” How can there be no battles if there is a Cosmic War and Armageddon. I repeat. Great strides are being made, do not disinfo my brothers and sisters. Cameron is right about the angels except Gabrielle caught in the cross-fire. Help will come from higher planes an higher dimensions, any ships above us are truly alien not human hybrids.

What does the word ‘non-duality’ point to

There is no simple truth, Far more learned scholars than you and myself have contemplated these questions for thousands of years. Our mind doesn’t have the hardware to understand what is really going on, it”s like trying to explain advanced trigonometry to your pet dog. Our souls however once unfeterred by these limited meatsuits have a far greater grasp of what is truly going on. Maybe it is your lack of understanding and imagination that is your problem, there is no simple answer to anything on this planet. Why people kill, why there is so much misery and selfishness and hatred to those that differ to you. Nothing is
simple my friend. Peace