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Between 2000 and 2008, a widespread deep loathing of George W

(Michael James is a renowned journalist and resident in Germany

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Just to make this perfectly clear, you did misread the whole point of my argument if you think that I was arguing that Reagan is particularly evil compared to other presidents. Maybe you have me mixed up with another poster or you read a tone into my post that wasn’t there. I’m not only not emotionally invested in negativity toward Reagan, I actually appreciate him more now than I ever have. I am more conservative now than I ever have been, which is also not hardline conservative, but perhaps even to the right of you. I just don’t feel compelled to defend any Republican enters into the conversation and I don’t feel compelled to slam all liberals. I think I understand both points of view pretty well. Since you missed it, I will reiterate that the whole point of my argument was to illustrate the validity of some of the criticisms of Reagan’s foreign policy, because you were asserting that the negativity toward Reagan demonstrated by the map was just irrational and deranged.

and Stalin, in one of his secret ..

One difference between socialism and communism is that socialism is mainly an economic system, ..
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The black-and-white Golem follows a 1920's traveling baseball team called the Stars of David as it roams the American countryside, experiencing both racism and acceptance. "I'm very removed from Jewish history and heritage," says Strum. "Golem was very much about learning about that heritage.


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There is nothing new under the sun. Every generation thinks they invented sex (who doesn’t think the Romans could teach sexting teenagers a thing or two?) and every generation thinks their politics are the most important ever in the history of mankind. Therefore, their Old Man leaders are the worst ever. The Boomers had Nixon, the Gen-Xers had Reagan, the Gen-Yers had GWB. Go back to the rise of homo sapiens and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Ugg holding up a pictogram depicting his Tribal Chief with a Hitler moustache protesting the injustice of tribal leaders not providing him with his own cave and free mammoth meat.

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Superman's Moses-like origin and his Midwestern WASP-ish (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) persona are widely regarded as a symbol of Jewish assimilation. Children of immigrant Jews, Siegel and Shuster were not unlike many in their generation in their desire to fit in to the general goyim population. The creation of Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent was a manifestation of the desire by Siegel and Shuster to "pass" in mainstream population and also to assert control in a world that had often left them feeling powerless, such as when Siegel's father was murdered.

What is the Difference between Liberals and Republicans ..

Compared to all that, what Reagan did was actually quite restrained and mild — or, at the very most, no different than standard American policy for half a century. Your list of Reagan’s supposed misdeeds is paltry compared to similar lists that could be (and have been) compiled for every president that preceded him. Reagan backed anti-communist guerrillas? Who sometimes engaged in brutal tactics? Puh-leeeze. What’s worse — some macho jerks in Central America briefly running around with guns in a doomed attempt to overthrow the Sandanistias — or all of Southeast Asia waist-deep in blood, charred remains and decapitated heads? What’s worse — allying with pro-Western dictators in the Third World, or allowing entire regions of the globe to fall under the soul-crushing boot of Stalinism, Maoism, Islamism, you-name-it? The Realpolitik of the era forced the US to acknowledge: there are no good guys, in most conflicts. The best we can do is choose one of the bad guys who seems most likely to help our interests in the long run.

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The USSR was a conceivable threat to the US, aside from almost accidentally launching ICBMs several times (we’re guilty of that to an extent as well), during the 1950s, its expansion was rivalling western powers. However, it’s easy to get a 350% expansion in industry when there’s almost none at all, but sustaining that industry is a different story – something history tells us about communist countries is that once they’ve hit their peak of expanding, they really can’t expand beyond that point any longer.

The Battle of Stalingrad was the most important battle …

"I've always felt that comics should appeal to girls even more than boys - statistics show that girls are more avid readers," says Jordon B. Gorfinkel, who during his eight years as an editor at DC worked on all of the Batman lines (popular characters often have a number of series, or titles, devoted to them). He also conceived Birds of Prey, about three female crime stoppers. "There's so little material that's appealing, women who aren't sex objects," he continues. "My goal with Birds of Prey was to cross Thelma & Louise with the black cop/Bruce Willis relationship from the first Die Hard and do it as superheroes. So, the focus is... on the women...and the action is just to rope in the established demographic. Though you cannot imagine how many times I had to have artists redraw Black Canary's hemline...."