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Whatever it is, the issue of gay rights seems to stir controversy no matter where the topic arises.

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Global warming is one of the problematic and controversial issues facing the world today.
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Wade decriminalized abortion with a landmark court ruling in 1973, yet abortion remains one of the most controversial debates due to the myriad of political and moral issues.

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The issue of assisted suicide has been a controversial one around the world for some time.
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The controversial website had posted hundreds of thousands of classified documents about the Iraq and Afghanistan war, revealing government cover-ups, a secret assassination unit and the killing of civilians among many things.


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Oregon ballot measures 37 and 49 highlight the difficulty and controversy of the balancing act.
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is a multidisciplinary reexamination of the Gaia hypothesis, which was introduced by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis in the early 1970s. The Gaia hypothesis holds that Earth's physical and biological processes are linked to form a complex, self-regulating system and that life has affected this system over time. Until a few decades ago, most of the earth sciences viewed the planet through disciplinary lenses: biology, chemistry, geology, atmospheric and ocean studies. The Gaia hypothesis, on the other hand, takes a very broad interdisciplinary approach. Its most controversial aspect suggests that life actively participates in shaping the physical and chemical environment on which it depends in a way that optimizes the conditions for life. Despite initial dismissal of the Gaian approach as New Age philosophy, it has today been incorporated into mainstream interdisciplinary scientific theory, as seen in its strong influence on the field of Earth System Science. provides a fascinating, multi-faceted examination of Gaia as science and addresses significant criticism of, and changes in, the hypothesis since its introduction.

In the book, 53 contributors explore the scientific, philosophical, and theoretical foundations of Gaia. They address such topics as the compatibility of natural selection and Gaian processes, Gaia and the "thermodynamics of life," the role of computer models in Gaian science (from James Lovelock's famous but controversial "Daisyworld" to more sophisticated models that use the techniques of artificial life), pre-Socratic precedents for the idea of a "Living Earth," and the climate of the Amazon Basin as a Gaian system.

Dealing with ethics, religious beliefs and the law, it is one of the most controversial subjects of this time.
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The controversial issues are: Scientific research-thinking about the consequences of a ‘breakthrough’ like creating life, Frankenstein’s obsession which shuts him off from friends and family, Frankenstei...

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The controversial topic that has come out of that question is the issue of whether the reconstruction jobs should be given to local companies or large national companies.

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Since this is a current issue and is not only affecting the citizens of California but also the government of California; this is the controversial issue I will be discussing in my paper.

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As for the states who have already legalized medical use of marijuana, it is not approved by the FDA whose approval is mandatory for prescription pills.

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Contaminated beaches has become a controversial issue to the public because of the causal problem, the harm to the people and marine animals, the government agencies supporting or opposing pollution, and the industries involved in creating such unlawful decisions.