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25/10/2013 · So. Is it a cult? Technically, no. But, if it walks like cult, talks like a cult, and preys on people like a cult, it just might be Landmark. Everyone told me not to go.

Today we stand together to say: not on our watch, and never again.

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18/02/2012 · Posts about Disciples of Christ cult written by chosenbygrace
I am at last free! My recovery from recovery is still in its early stages but once the decision was finally made, my brain rewarded me with a rush of feel-good chemicals once denied me by virtue of my participation in the mind-warping and mood-numbing cult that is AA. I think NA might actually be worse. I could write a book. In fact, I think I will. Reading sites like this is very important therapy for me. I stayed from fear that there was no other place in society where I would be acceptable. Yet it killed my spirit everyday to deny myself a full, well-rounded life free of dogma that I could no longer believe. I have wasted too much of my precious life considering myself abnormal and diseased. Yet the years were not a waste. The irony is, AA and related fellowships were like a very long shit pipe that I had to crawl through in order to develop true independence and maturity. I am agnostic now and at last making sane decisions now that I no longer believe that my thoughts are the divinely inspired result of prayer. That to me is the most dangerous and frightening aspect of 12 step religion: the people come to believe their thoughts and resulting actions are divinely mandated. That kind of faith brings down skyscrapers with hijacked planes, results in holocausts, sanctifies the behavior of the man who walks into a classroom with a loaded assault rifle and also justifies the verbal abuse of the Program-spewing sponsor. Anyone else creeped out by the fact that AA literature is riddled with capital letters to further reinforce the notion that every word in that deeply archaic tome known as the Big Book is from Heaven direct? If AA is The God-Delivered solution for the age old dilemma of alcoholism, why did God wait until 1939 to unleash this miracle on the world? I am NOT powerless, just a formerly foolish woman once too immature to take full responsibility for her choices.

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So, someone with 20 years in AA does not know there are pamphlets from AA corporate and committees set up to expressly bring people from prisons and the courts and mental institutions and hospitals to join the cult of AA? Seriously? Plus, there are doctors and other professionals that are coerced into AA to maintain their livelihood? There are many ad hominem’s I could use at this point, like naïve, oblivious, deceptive, blind and delusional to describe Frankie and his ever so benevolent description of AA, but I won’t use them. Yeah, AA is set up expressly for one drunk to talk to another and the rest of the publishing business and lawyers and pensions and events and money making treatment centers based on the nonsensical 12 Steps .. well, I guess they simply don’t exist in Franks world.


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As I now approach 60 and realize I gave my prime earning years to a religious nonsensical cult of insanity, I too have a lot of misgivings. AA and its cult leaders should be sued into oblivion or even charged for the murders of its members. Those that died from suicide or violent offenders that cult members chose to deliberately look the other way and do nothing even after they saw the damage are pathetic. Like the stalker in the recent Grapevine. They didn’t call the police when they saw the law being broken, they had a meeting and voted that an active criminal should just be barred from their meeting. Yeah, that helped society. Make them pay for the damage from their fucked up advice and see how many big book thumpers there are left standing. They would scatter like roaches once they discovered there were actually consequences for spreading 12-Step religious garbage as a treatment for a deadly “disease”.

At only 18 months in the cult, it is clear they have him. Nonsense makes sense to him. Like it did to me. What he doesn’t understand is the absurdity of the quote I picked out. The steps are not a design for living, that is AA’s claim, not reality. It is a design for Oxford Group brainwashing and it parallels a lot of other cults and religions as well. People get sober and live better lives through SMART and SOS and HAMS and the Sinclair Method and many others methods, including simply quitting drinking on their own. It is very beneficial to be with people of like minds when trying to stop abusing drugs or alcohol and that is the real power. The 12 stops are a design for faith-healing, nonsensical horseshit if taken literally. Most people that enter AA have reduced cognitive ability and are desperate and vulnerable and easy pickins for a sophisticated brainwashing technique whose main goal is a conversion narrative and strong belief in that narrative. I was totally broken and messed up, came to AA, found gawd and great fellowship, now things are better and I carry the message – just like other brainwashed missionaries.


You see, once you have crossed that “invisible line” into addiction and end up at a meeting of XA, well, your life is no longer yours. You have forfeited any well being unless it is at the hands of the chosen ones and their 12 Step cult religion. There is no other way and no other explanation – it has to be done their way or you are just not doing it right. They know because they know, not because there are valid statistics or overwhelming evidence. The sad part is they don’t know and they pretend like they do. If any of them do as many, many have done and ask some very simple questions about key aspects of their beloved program, it would fall to pieces right in front of them, as it has for many more millions than accept is nonsensical woo woo dogma. The program of AA is bullshit religious conversion and not science or medicine but they sure like to pretend it is.

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Very much alive… long story and so much to comment on, but suffice it to say that the real statistics are right. People do “grow out” of alcohol abuse on their own. Happens all the time. Anyone can fall back into heavy drinking though too, it is just not as guaranteed as AA makes it out to be. People change – the man in the slippers in the book was written by a teenager for a paper and Bill stole it many years later. Just like most of AA, it is fake. If you do significant research on AA you will find it is a complete fraud. It is not a treatment for alcohol abuse, it is a religious conversion technique. And a bad one at that. I have no real idea of how it got so entrenched in society, but the missionary angle ( step 12) is one explanation. They just keep spreading their horseshit and nobody stops them. Hopefully those times are changing and it seems like they are. There are now many books and websites that call the AA Corporation faith healing nonsense for what it really is – faith-healing nonsense.