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A History of Zionism and the Creation of Israel - Zionism in Jewish thought, the Holocaust, the Conflict and the claims of anti-Zionists

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Herzl negotiated with the British regarding the possibility of settling theJews on the island of Cyprus, the Sinai Peninsula, the El Arish region and Uganda. After the Kishinev pogroms, Herzlvisited Russia in July 1903. He tried to persuade the Russian government to help the Zionists transfer Jews from Russiato Palestine. At the Sixth Zionist Congress Herzl proposed settlement in Uganda, on offer from the British, as atemporary "night refuge." The idea met with sharp opposition, especially from the same Russian Jews that Herzl hadthought to help. Though the congress passed the plan as a gesture of esteem for Herzl, it was not pursued seriously, andthe initiative died after the plan was withdrawn. In his quest for a political solution, Herzl met with the king ofItaly, who was encouraging, and with the Pope, who expressed opposition. A small group, the Jewish TerritorialistOrganization ("Territorial Zionists") led by Israel Zangwill, split with the Zionist movement in 1905, and attempted toestablish a Jewish homeland wherever possible. The organization was dissolved in 1925.

The discovery of the Holocaust created great sympathy for the Jews

When Zionism had its first beginnings, in the early 19th century, there wereabout 200,000 Arabs living in all of the land, mostly concentrated in the countryside of the West Bank and Galilee, andmostly lacking in national sentiment. Palestine was, in Western eyes, a country without a nation, as LordShaftesbury wrote. Early proto-Zionists did not trouble themselves at all about the existing inhabitants. Many wereheavy influenced by utopianism. In the best 19th century tradition, they were creating a Jewish utopia, where an ancientpeople would be revived. They envisioned a land without strife, where all national and economic problems would be solvedby good will, enlightened and progressive policies and technological know-how. Herzl's was in in factjust such a utopia. Jewish population grew, but Arab population grew more rapidly. By 1914, there were over 500,000Arabs in Palestine.


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Revival of Hebrew - Among the first arrivals of the first Aliya wasEliezer ben Yehuda (Perelman). Inspired by European, particularly Bulgarian nationalism, Ben Yehuda was moved to settlein Palestine. He arrived in 1881 and undertook to revive the Hebrew language. With the help of Nissim Bechar, principalof a school operated by the Alliance Israelite Universelle, Ben Yehuda began teaching Hebrew. Later he founded andpublished the newspaper, and set up a linguistic council. Ben Yehuda's work was the major force in therevival of Hebrew as a modern language.

This collection focuses on the recognition of the State of Israel. The collection includes 87 documents totaling 351 pages covering the years 1943 through 1974. Supporting materials include photographs, oral history transcripts, audio clips and a chronology of events.

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President Truman meeting on May 8, 1951 with Prime Minister David Ben Gurion of Israel and Abba Eban. They presented the menorah as a token of esteem for President Truman's timely recognition of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.

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Later Zionists were heavily influenced by socialism and embarrassed atthe colonialist aspects of the Zionist project. They were also aware, of course, that Palestine was already occupied byArabs. Many however, including the young David Ben--Gurion, who headed the Executive committee of the Zionist Yishuv(Jewish community) in Palestine and was later the first Prime Minister of Israel, initially thought that the Arabs couldonly benefit from Jewish immigration and would welcome it. Others, such as Eliezer ben Yehuda, frankly envisionedremoval of the Arabs from Palestine.

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The first groups of immigrants who came to the land with the idea of turningthe land into a national home for the Jews are known as the "first ." "" literally means "goingup" and it is term Jews have used for a long time for coming to the holy land. Beginning in the 1870s, religiousand nonreligious Jews established several study groups and societies for purchasing land in Palestine and settlingthere. In 1870 the Alliance Israelite, an ostensibly non-Zionist organization, founded the agricultural school near Beit Dagan.

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One of the earliest warnings about the Arab problem came from the Zionistwriter Ahad Ha'am (Asher Ginsberg), who wrote in his 1891 essay "Truth from Eretz Israel" that in Palestine "it is hardto find tillable land that is not already tilled", and moreover