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I just heard that you are not going to be able to continue this series due to the trolls and hate mongers within the gun community who lack the ability to understand that their view of the world is not the only one. They demand respect for their gun ownership yet fail the most basic of tests of giving that same respect to others.

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As far as recommendations, conceal it. from a safety standpoint, and as a experiment. Let your day to day life as it normally would be, just as thousands who carry do. The object isnt to carry a gun and let everyone know about it, its about being yourself while sharing the responsibility people who carry in public do. Police carry openly because it is part of the uniform, and the first step toward a show of force, and subsequently also paints a giant target on them. Concealed you arent there to show force, you just have that capability if in the gravest extremes if you need it. A fire extinguisher doesn’t make one a fire fighter, nor a mustang make one a race car driver. People who confuse that will get themselves hurt for thinking it. Know your limits on what you can do and what you will do. Stay safe, keep your head down.


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To be perfectly honest, what she is going through is pretty normal for first time gun carriers. Ive been carrying for a few years, worked as a deputy, and a competition shooter, it never leaves the back of your mind no matter how used to it you are. There is a lot of responsibility, as I was taught; you are walking on thin ice, it is best to learn where the ice is thickest. I remember my first time carrying in publicbefore I was a cop was horrible. I always thought everyone could see it and might make an issue of it. I was far more nervous about having the cops called on me then I was about badguys. Now, it is just apart of me like a watch. Just like my mulitool, pocketknfe, and cell phone. It has its purpose, and that’s why i have it.

Can you support your statement with sources?
What chances do you suppose the abused women kill with guns every year, would have had if they had trained with a firearm and refused to be a victim at the hands of anyone?
Interested in seeing your stats and source.

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So I am left with the position that I don’t want to take away from the rights of law abiding people that may be in desperate need without any reasonable expectation that it will impact crime or make a single person safer. I truly believe that the people in our government understand this point and only try to push these programs to appear to be tough on crime and help them get re-elected.

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There are no words to express the tragedy that some have to face. Whether or not they are a small percentage means nothing at that point. I want my children to reach adulthood and I would like them not to have to fear something like Newtown. I just don’t see how any of these increased waiting times, required training classes, etc help that. In an ideal world I would love to prevent mentally ill people from obtaining weapons but nothing proposed by our government has given us any reason to believe that will be the case. The reality of Newtown is that the shooter stole the weapons from a legal gun owner, he was not officially diagnosed with any mental illness that would prevent him from buying his own firearms in any of the governments proposed solutions, and he spent hundreds of hours learning to shoot.


You may argue that those cases are small in number. So are the kind of accidental shootings that you imply we are at risk of when people can buy firearms without going through a training class. I found some data for 2004 (had trouble finding good statistics newer) that showed 2% of all gun related deaths were ruled as accidental (and of that half were hunting or otherwise outside the home). That means that 98% or more are ruled as intentional. For the most part our gun deaths are not due to a lack of training.

By and - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Do you know how many abused women are killed with guns every year? Far, far more than those who defend themselves with guns. Please do some further reading and educate yourself about the danger of guns mixed with domestic violence. Women are the ones who lose their lives, not abusers.