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At the same time, some Christmas traditions undoubtedly do have their origins in the pagan past.
These remind me of my family’s Christmas tradition! Oh I miss being a kid again! We used to have a “Christmas Trap” between the bedroom door and the tree, it was AWESOME! I just started a website so our family can share ideas for the trap, you would love it!

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Christmas Traditions at the Buford Community Center, Saturday November 25th
Christmas in Romania would not be Christmas without the mouth-watering Romanian people cook, sometimes in oversized quantities. From pork sausages and other meat lovers delights to the traditional sweet bread ‘cozonac’, these foods are a major part of the Romanian Christmas traditions.


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The city of Buford is proud to host a day of family fun, holiday cheer + Christmas traditions!
Christmas as we know it today is aVictorian invention of the 1860s. Probably the most celebrated holiday in the world, our modern Christmas is a product of hundreds of years of both secular and religious traditions from around the globe. Discover the origins of Christmas traditions from around the world, like the Yule log, caroling and how Christmas is celebrated “Down Under.”

9. Start the tradition of having a special breakfast on Christmas Day. For example, have or
Before opening gifts on Christmas Day, the Danish join hands with their family members and they form a chain around the Christmas tree. Then, they walk around the tree in a ring, singing Christmas songs. Isn’t that a fantastic tradition? You could consider adopting it.

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44. Record your favorite Christmas traditions for future generations of your family to follow. Take out your camera, start snapping pictures, and place them in a scrap book. Make sure to add notes.

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42. If you know a family that’s fallen on economic hard times, give them a helping hand this Christmas. explains what to give for Christmas to families that are struggling financially. Here are some ideas:

Christmas traditions in Germany - The History of Christmas

How would winter look without Christmas and how would Christmas be without all its charming traditions? It’s hard to imagine, especially in a country like Romania where Christmas traditions were kept alive and passed from generation to generation, finding their place and relevance even today when more commercial habits are overwhelming the Christmas holiday.

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4. Since 1989, every resident on the 700 block of Baltimore’s 34th street has put up Christmas lights. This is known as “The Miracle on 34th Street.” Follow suit: get your neighbors together and start a tradition of being the most Christmassy street in your city.

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Varying from one region to the other, the Romanian Christmas traditions are authentic and valuable pieces of cultural heritage, closely linked to the agrarian life of the countryside. They go back in time to pre-Christian beliefs when gods were celebrated on winter solstice to bring nature back to life. The pagan elements are still visible in the rituals performed in this time of the year like the dance with masks or the pig’s sacrifice before Christmas.