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In his story “The Most Dangerous Game”, He Creates General Zaroff so that he is easy to hold a grudge against.

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First, I can prove that Rainsford was brave by the way he spoke and acted with General Zaroff.
"The Most Dangerous Game" presents the story of a hunter, General Zaroff, who finds hunting human beings as the most dangerous and fascinating sport....

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Connell not only shows us that by being confident, quick thinking and adaptive, Rainsford is able to survive against the most inhumane people like General Zaroff, but he concludes that these characteristics of a true survivor can help us to survive conflicts of our own society as well....


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The weaker man will be fed to the eager hounds.” General Zaroff, with an aura of ease and tranquility, handed Rainsford a perfectly constructed steel blade sword.

During Rainsfords journey to and through the island of General Zaroff he partakes in an adventurous journey filled with mystery, suspense, and dilemma.

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Rainsford, the protagonist, meets his adversary and leader of an exotic tribe, Zaroff, after falling off of a yacht and swimming to the nearest island.