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Real chainsaw art is done by using chainsaws to saw art without using any other tools.

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A food chain starts with the primary energy source, usually the sun or boiling-hot deep sea vents.
- The Japanese family of chainmail patterns are not quite as well known as the European. The patterns of this family tend to be very geometrical, the final patterns often forming a repeating grid. There are some samples of Italian chaimail that appear to follow Japanese patterns. The oldest samples of Chainmail, dated to Etruscan times (3000 bce), also would appear to follow the common characteristics of the Japanese family.

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Trophic Levels:The trophic level of an organism is the position it holds in a food chain.
How can you not be impressed by such craftsmanship? Not only are the sculptures truly intriguing to look at, but if you ever had the time, I am sure you could follow the beginning of the link all through the sculptures themselves and follow every line and shape of the human body. Even though these pieces of art are incredibly impressive, the names for these pieces of are far from joyful and happy. They actually portray the agony of the diseases we humans contract, and thus the material symbolizes the roughness of what a disease can do to human flesh. It’s mesmerizing, wouldn’t you say?


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Think about how people's place in the food chain varies - often within a single meal.
- The European family of chainmail patterns is probably the most well known. The alternating rows and columns of European mail are commonly thought to have been invented by the Celts around 400 bce. Soon after, the Roman Empire came in contact with the Celts and their chainmail was adopted as backline armour (Lorica Hamata). Chainmail from this family has been in continous use since, most popular as the armour of dark age knights, it is still used today in butcher gloves and shark suits. Because of its widespread use this family is sometimes know as "International".

- The Persian family of chainmail is almost unknown. I've never been able to pin down actual historical sources for any of these intricate patterns. I call them "Persian" simply because it is the only name I know for them, there is currently no evidence to link them to this part of the world.

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Prairie Canada Woodcarvers Show
Saturday, April 21, 9:00am – 12:00 p.m.
Join carving award winner De Ann Holmes to learn the basics of chainsaw carving. Instruction will focus on the planning, design and execution of a carving using examples of carving progression from start to finish. Time permitting; there will be a demonstration using and electric chainsaw.

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- This family includes chain patterns that don't share common characteristicswith any of the above families. Instructions for creating the spiral chain that decorates my website are included in this section.

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*NOTE: was an immense located in the middle of the northern part of encompassing parts of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, North Dakota and Minnesota. Our group draws membership from this area.

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The following sections are divided into what I refer to as "pattern families": European, Japanese, Persian and Miscellaneous. The individual patterns are named and sorted by the number of times a single link in the pattern passes through another link and by whether the pattern forms a "Chain" or a "Mail".

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He plans to have this ready for the 2010 season at his chainsaw sawyer artist live show in Hancock,Maine.--Update--Ray Sawed 19 numbers on a toothpick on July 24,2010.