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Watch the Call of Duty WWII worldwide reveal livestream here on April 26 at 10AM PDT.

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Dec 29, 2006 · Flash version of the PC game Call of Duty 2
In developing the game, Sledgehammer recruited World War II historian , to help make the game as historically accurate as possible. Sledgehammer Games also traveled to various places across Europe to take pictures and drawings to be used as concepts for in-game. The theme of the game was to be connected with your men, to experience the brotherhood of American soldiers during World War II. Sledgehammer was inspired by the motto of the original "In war, no one fights alone." so they echoed that idea to their narrative.

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On April 26th, 2017, during the reveal livestream for Call of Duty: WWII, several letters were added to highlighted tweets: CAL, LOF, DUT, Y.C, LAS, SIF and IED leading to .


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12/29/2006 · Flash version of the PC game Call of Duty 2
Some new features to the gameplay are that can now also be customized, giving them new features but increasing the amount of points required to earn said reward. There is a new reward system that grants upon achieving tasks. When used they grant the player 3 items of different rarity: Enlisted (common), Professional (uncommon), and Elite (rare). The items range from custom weapons and player customization items to special care packages called Reinforcements, which can give the player a scorestreak, or 2 free random perks till the end of the match.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the eleventh major release in the Call of Duty series
features the return of from Zombie Mode can be played solo, split-screen, and online with up to four players. Two Zombie maps are included with the game, and seven are currently available as part of the four map packs. also features a unique mode called .

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and defect to Sentinel and, along with and , infiltrate Irons' home in Bangkok to find intel on a mysterious Atlas operation called "Manticore". They find out that "Manticore" is a biological agent that only targets specific genotypes (those that are not registered on the Atlas database) and will not affect any Atlas personnel, meaning Irons can deploy it in the midst of a battle without risking harm to his own troops, while the opposing force is annihilated . They tag a cargo plane that is about to transport a large shipment of Manticore before pulling out.

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returns to the gameplay often featured in the older games, featuring the standard grounded movement. It also features similar server support to that of previous games. However, unlike previous iterations, the game now features a special social place, the section with the ability for the player to reside in between games. A special new game mode has also been added to the multiplayer which takes players on a simulated battle with objectives designed in an attack/defense style mode, called .

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Later, the Sentinel forces move in on the Atlas cargo plane and bring it down over Antarctica. As they are attempting to secure the Manticore, a large Atlas force ambushes from drop pods and recovers the Manticore. Cormack, Ilona and Mitchell manage to take out most of the Atlas soldiers, but are captured by and his squad. Gideon calls for evac before suddenly shooting his squadmates and helping the remaining Sentinel forces dispose of the Manticore.

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As the reprogramming of Mason's brain is finally broken, Mason recalls the origin of the numbers broadcast, a ship off the shore of Cuba called the . In a on the ship and the underwater broadcast station over which it is anchored, Mason strangles Dragovich to his death and sinks the broadcast station, ending the threat that the sleeper agents presented to the United States.