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The Body of Christopher Creed is a young adult novel by Carol Plum-Ucci
When Chris Creed goes missing, though, something starts to change in Torey. Instead of cracking jokes about the missing weird kid, he suddenly finds himself feeling this strange new feeling called empathy, and though it makes him uncomfortable at first, he ultimately learns to embrace it. He is, if you will, a reformed bully. And while he can't take back the years he sat idly by as Chris suffered, he can bend over backward to try to let him know he cares now.

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The Apostles’ Creed is used at Baptism, and is the historic creed for Christian Initiation. Confirmation comes after the fullness of the Faith has been appropriated by the baptized believer and after incorporation of the believer into the worshiping community. The Nicene Creed is the universal creed of the believing and worshiping community.


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The original Greek text used "We Believe" because this Creed reflects the belief of the whole Church as a united body, as contrasted with the Apostles' Creed which is a personal profession of faith used at baptism. The translation we are using for the Creed is that used by The Church of England in "Common Worship," an adaptation of 1662 BCP.

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And by bend over backward, we're talking about writing what amounts to dozens and dozens of emails, along with a book-length manuscript detailing Torey's efforts to get to the bottom of Chris's disappearance. And that book-length manuscript? Well that's pretty much the entirety of The Body of Christopher Creed. So if you've ever been bullied, consider this book a declaration that there are people who care in the world. And if you've ever bullied or sat by and let bullying happen, well, consider this your how-to guide to get on the right path.

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In The Body of Christopher Creed, Torey slowly realizes he's surrounded by die-hard gossips that don't care a fig about the people they're hurting. And some of Torey's closest friends, the people he spends all his free time with? Well, they're the kids who pick on Chris Creed the most relentlessly. Heck, Torey himself even beat Chris up once, too, when he was younger.

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But you probably aren't impressed by awards because you're too savvy to put much stock in what other people tell you is worthwhile. If this is the case, then get yourself a copy of The Body of Christopher Creed pronto. We think you'll enjoy forming your own opinion and will also find some kindred spirits inside.

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This book isn't just a fun read, though; it's also a good one—otherwise it wouldn't have earned the Printz Honor Award in 2001. Not sure if you know this, but those are pretty hard to come by, and Plum-Ucci is one of only four authors to receive this distinction that year. She also won a bunch of state awards for the book, too, making The Body of Christopher Creed a pretty darn impressive debut novel.