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Andrew was ejected from Big Brother last summer (Picture: Channel 5) A former Big Brother housemate has sparked outrage on Twitter after claiming depression isn’t real.

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Here's the big picture of how we got into this mess and how to get out of it.
I have been on effexor XR 150 mg. for 6 long years. I was thinking several times about coming down. It was great for anxiety but they will raise you to the heavens for what ever reason if you let them. At first it was alright and I was less anxious. I have four children. They are older now but I didn't want to get so upset all the time and this was the answer I was given by the doctor. Alright, now I am not upset with all the normal childhood things like dumping out the sugar onto the kitchen floor and mixing it with the syrup to see what will happen. I can tell you what will happen...ANTS! I didn't get angry and actually laughed and cleaned it up. I thought this was a great medication because I didn't care that they did that. Next was a funeral that was for a distant family member and I could not go because I hate them a thousand times worse then anyone ever has and panic. I decided no big deal I will not go and I don't care. Family got angry but I didn't care. I was doing things for myself and could not go. Next thing came up, didn't care didn't go. I never go anywhere, shower once a week, no more make up no more hair cuts or dye jobs to look nice. I don't care. I used to make sure that I would have my makeup perfect before going out to the store. I cared. I never wear make-up no matter what. I thought well, I am older and maybe this is what happens. It doesn't. I finally realized this when I could not make my appointment and the doctor gave me the number of a psychiatrist. "We are not giving medication for anxiety anymore but this doctor will take care of you and you are covedred on your insurance." I saw this doctor twice and both times he tells me that I have to come every month to get a prescript. Alright. I go twice and the third time the car broke down and we had to have it towed. It is a great car but something happened. It is only three years old and under warantee and we never thought about this. I called to reschedule and the office was closed. He is closed for the week!!! I was forced to go off. I went to the ER and told them they gave me two pills telling me the doctor was in in two days. Not True. I left a huge note on the door that if he calls in that I have to have my medication. I freaked knowing from one other time the frustration of being sick. I could not believe this. It has been four almost five days now. I am sick, vomiting, sleeplessness and when I am awake I am exhausted to the point of can't keep my eyes open. I shut them and can't sleep. I have nightmares like you would not believe. Extraordinarily VIVID DREAMS!! I have a noise in my head when I turn my eyes, head, or when a breeze goes past. The ringing in my ears is torture. I feel as if it is a type of torture to see what you can stand. I have however feeling. I looked at myself in the mirror and was shocked. I have looked at myself everyday for the past six years and didn't care. Today I was shocked. I showered and felt great as far as a humanly person. I am sick, tired, up, down, hungry, not hungry and dying but I can feel. I didn't know it but I was numb. I numbed myself like an idiot.

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I am definitately of the huge cartels. I currently take effexor. Why d`ont you first ask the question to yourselves, why was I prescribed effexor? I know, because you were feeling depressed and miserable. Why are you blaming effexor for its withdrawal symptoms? Every single druge in the World has addiction problems, even those painkillers with sleep, or pm etc.... on them. Caffeine is addictive, tobacco, I will leave you to answer.
We all know there is a big drug cartel in the World, but where will all of us be without these miracle medications?


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Hey there, been on Effexor XR for over a year and am just now feeling like it's time to go off of this med. When I started taking it...honestly, I just NEEDED SOMETHING, ANYTHING to make it through a day without crying or being depressed. I truly felt better then I have in my entire life. I felt more confident and less anxiety. It does help with that. As with any drug, there are side effects, but they are pretty tolerable. I experienced night sweats, vivid dreams and vertigo at first. Now that I am going off the drug I feel some pretty awful side effects, namely horrific vertigo, I can't even stand up or turn my head without feeling like I am tripping on acid. Also nausea and the worst nightmares of my life...like being killed in every dream. I will wake up only to fall back asleep into a new one. OMG!

I have been on Effexor for about two months and I love it. I have GAD and it has done wonders for me!!! I take it in the afternoon with my lunch. I am productive, calm, friendly, positive and can't imagine going back to my life before. I had insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, racing thoughts, depression, couldn't finish projects and the list goes on! Now I am confident, productive, at ease with everything, love life on life's terms, joyful, the excitement of life is back, look forward to waking up in the mornings, get a good night's sleep which I haven't had since I was a young child!!! I think that people are taking this med for other disorders than GAD. If you have GAD I highly recommend this drug if you want a "normal" life. I have never been happier! I don't plan on ever going off this drug therefore I am not concerned about the withdrawls associated with it. Your doctors obviously do not know much about this drug or they would have weened you off of it with some other drug. Everyone is different but for me through the GRACE OF GOD I didn't have to try all different types of drugs to find the one that works for me. But I also do not give credit or praise regarding anything in my life to mere humans it is only through God that this does it for me!!!!!!

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I just started taking Effexor XR on Sunday (3 days ago). I havent had too many side-effects yet. The one thing that I notice is that my eyes are dilated almost all the time. The dilation seems to be happening the most after I eat. I dont know if that is a coincidence or not. I met with my Psychiatrist last Thursday. That is when she told me that I have "Major Depressive Disorder" and Anxiety which led to terrible panic attacks, feelings of no self worth (when I have no self-esteem issues really), crying, adult equivilents to a hissy fit, hitting myself, obessive compulsive behavior, mania and a slew of other random destructive thoughts. I am excited to see how this drug helps me. It is my first time taking it and I am optimistic about the outcome.

The Big Picture: How We Got Into This Mess, And How We Get Out..

I took effexor xr for about 4 years...before that i tried paxil..zolof..celexa..all with bad side effects..the effexor is the only one that seemed to agree with me...i did sweat a little more..but i had more energy ..less depressed..slept better at night(and that was good..since sleep was an issue)..more motivated to do things.. more patient and could deal with more stress..less anxious...but my doctor never suggested my trying to do with out the drug..so i decided to take myself off and see how i woud do...it is true...the withdrawal is horrible if not handled correctly...i had to withdraw over about 4 months..i was on 75mg effexor xr..so i had to lower down to 35mg and stay at that level for about a month..then i got the 50mg tablets..and cut them in half and stayed at 25mg for a month..then cut the 25mg in half and stayed there for a month at 12.5 mg..then i cut those in half and stayed at that 2 weeks...and then at 6mg was finally able to stop and deal with a little adjustment phase..but after a couple weeks..began doing better..i have been off almost a year..but would not go back on it unless i felt the need was very serious...good luck