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The prisoners were taken after the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba on 17 April 1961, funded in part by the US government.

Bay of Pigs invasion failure embarrassed Kennedy Administration.

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The main landing point at the Bay of Pigs was a beach surrounded by a mosquito-infested swamp.
In April 1961, the United States attempted to invade Cuba and overthrow premier Fidel Castro. On the 17th of April about 1,300 exiles armed with United States weapons landed at Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs) on the southern coast of Cuba. They hoped to gain support from the local populations, cross the island to Havana, and overthrow Castro. However, they were quickly defeated by Castro's army. The invasion by the CIA-backed exiles was spurred by the events that took place after Castro took office. Castro took control of Cuba in January of 1959, and in 1960 he took over U.S. oil refineries in Cuba. As a result, the United States stopped buying Cuban sugar. Castro responded by talking over all of U.S. businesses in Cuba. This led President Kennedy to authorize the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961.

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The Cuban Missile Crisis (The Cold War) by Peter Chrisp (Hodder Wayland, 2001)

After three attacks, Castro succeeded and named himself, "president for life."
Fidel Castro officially seized control of the Cuban government in 1959.


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Meanwhile, Kennedy and his advisers faced the question of how to keep track of continuing missile construction in Cuba. At the urging of McNamara and the chiefs of staff, Kennedy authorised low-level daytime surveillance flights in addition to continuing U-2 flights. He also agreed provisionally to night-time coverage involving the use of flares. Vice-President Lyndon Johnson worried aloud about these. 'Imagine some crazy Russian captain,' he said. 'The damn thing goes "blooey" and lights up the skies. He might just pull a trigger. Looks like we're playing Fourth of July over there or something.' Also fortunately, the crisis ended before flares were actually used.

On 26-27 October, the crisis came to a head. Khrushchev cabled Kennedy that he was prepared to remove missiles from Cuba in return for a US promise not to invade Cuba - a promise that had already been given more than once. But, just as Kennedy and his ExComm began to discuss a response, Khrushchev broadcast from Moscow a second message saying the missiles would be removed if, in addition, the United States withdrew nuclear missiles and other 'offensive means' from Turkey.

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April 17, 1961
President Eisenhower & CIA wanted to overthrow Fidel Castro.
Wanted to use 1400 Cuban exiles to invade their homeland.
CIA set up exile training camps in Guatemala.
Guerrilla warfare
Bay of Pigs Invasion
Castor's Overthrow
Fidel Castro led attacks against his government in early 1950's.

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On Monday 22 October, Kennedy went on radio and television, describing the secret Soviet build-up in Cuba, proclaiming the quarantine, and demanding that the Soviets remove the missiles. In the next few days, one harrowing moment followed another.

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The second Khrushchev message provoked furious debate. With Ball in the lead, Kennedy's advisers said almost unanimously that Khrushchev's new condition was unacceptable. America's NATO allies would think the United States was sacrificing their security for the sake of its own. Kennedy alone seemed unconvinced. When Ball said, 'If we talked to the Turks... this would be an extremely unsettling business', Kennedy replied with asperity, 'Well, this is unsettling now, George, because ... most people would regard this as not an unreasonable proposal ... I think you're going to have it very difficult to explain why we are going to take hostile military action in Cuba ... when he's saying, "If you'll get yours out of Turkey, we'll get ours out of Cuba."'.

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Kennedy's greatest foreign policy failure and greatest foreign policy success both involved one nation — Cuba. In 1961, CIA-trained Cuban exiles landed in Cuba at the , hoping to ignite a popular uprising that would oust Fidel Castro from power. When the revolution failed to occur, Castro's troops moved in. The exiles believed air support would come from the United States, but Kennedy refused. Many of the rebels were shot, and the rest were arrested. The incident was an embarrassment to the United States and a great victory for Fidel Castro.