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Argentine economic policy has undergone several cycles of change since the 1940s

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The International Monetary Fund yesterday admitted that its mistakes helped plunge Argentina deeper into the red during the currency crisis that crippled the country's economy three years ago.

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Apr 11, 2017 · Venezuela’s political crisis is exacerbated by a twin tornado of economic and security problems. In 2017 embattled president Nicolas Maduro will face loud calls to step down or hold new elections.

fter Germany’s defeat in World War I (1914-1918), anti-Semitism reached new heights in that country. Defeated German soldiers returning from the front – among them Adolf Hitler – accused those on the home front of being responsible for the defeat. They accused social democratic politicians, revolutionaries and especially the Jews of having “stabbed” the army in the back.
In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler spoke of the existence of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. In this conspiracy, Jewish capitalists had joined forces with the Judeo-Bolshevist socialism.
Europe was in a state of economic crisis in the 1930s. The crisis hit the debt-ridden German nation particularly hard, causing economic impoverishment, high inflation, serious unemployment and poverty. The crisis was adding fuel to the flames of the anti-Semitic bonfire. A scapegoat had to be found: the Jews were chosen.


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Yesterday the Argentine finance minister, Roberto Lavagna, argued that the country should not be pressed too hard for repayments of its current three-year $13 billion loan. He said the IMF was now insisting it reformed its economy "in a way absent throughout the 90s" and "under a schedule that is oblivious to the political realities of the country".

Both the IMF and the US touted the country as Latin America's economic success story but the fund maintained its support despite the fact that Argentina missed its fiscal targets every year since 1994. Analysts have also claimed that the IMF's demands that Argentina raise taxes in 2002 worsened the crisis. The conclusions will come as a blow to the institution, whose role has come under increased scrutiny in recent years.

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In a report published yesterday by its independent evaluation office, the IMF said it ought to have prevented the Argentine government from following poor economic policies.

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Although it became clear to some IMF staff that the country's currency plan was flawed in the 1990s, they did not report their doubts to their board for fear of triggering a speculative attack on the peso. The executive board, for its part, ignored staff complaints that Argentina was not reforming its economy satisfactorily.