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  • What Are The Alternatives to Daycare

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From nannies on demand to day care or after-school care on demand, alternatives to full-time childcare are providing parents options to fit their new ways of working. One of the most-popular options is drop-in care, where childcare is available by reservation, or at the last minute as a service offered by full-time day care and early-learning centers. Parents can pre-buy preschool hours and use them as needed. Costs vary but start at about $10 an hour, plus a one-time registration fee.

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Earlier this month, Suzanne Santos, a mother of three, found herself using this alternative. Santos, a real estate agent in South Miami, had a photo shoot set up for one of her new property listings and needed childcare for her 2-year-old daughter for the afternoon when the nanny called in sick. So, Santos bought a package of drop-in childcare hours at The Fun Club in South Miami that she will use as needed over the next month.


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Pamela Guilarte began drop-in care as the owner of Fun Club in South Miami and just sold the preschool to Orange Blossom Learning Center. Now, she plans to license the format she used locally to preschools around the country. She and her mother, Maria Sayre, have developed software that allows parents to log onto a website, purchase a package of hours and sign up for preschool/childcare as needed, or several days a week. Preschool owners are able to use the software to track parent usage and send out renewal notices.

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Beth wanted to know about her options for childcare – not only what is most convenient, but what would be most developmentally appropriate for a baby so young.

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These candidates provide almost the same service as our nannies but would be less experienced or perhaps studying childcare part time and looking to gain valuable experience. They are a good option for families with school going children who's schools and activities are within walking distance or to give a hand to stay at home mums.

Typical weekly salary €350-€450* gross

As work schedules become flexible, so do options for childcare

Our child minders provide a home away from home for children. They provide a childcare service in their own home and include your children in their day to day family life. Most of our childminders are stay at home mums with their own children and therefore have years of experience. Typical duties include providing a loving, nurturing home environment, do school/after school drop offs and collections, cook healthy, nutritious meals, organise play/ arts and crafts/ outdoor activities.A typical childminders day is Monday to Friday 8-6. Part time options are also available.

Typical weekly salary €200-€350*

We require all our minders to have completed a first aid course and are Garda vetted.

Lastly if your child is sick then you must find alternative care.

Au pairs are a good option for those who require 20-30 hours babysitting a week.
An Au pair is a cultural exchange programme whereby a family host an Au Pair for approximately 6- 12 months. Au Pairs may have limited experience with children and no recognized qualifications but most have previous babysitting experience and have to provide two references. Therefore, we recommend Au Pairs as a good option for families with older, school going children who only require part time care in the afternoons. Au Pairs are also great for families who need extra help with younger children but should not be used as a full time childcare solution.
Au Pairs live with their host family and are provided with a separate bedroom, all meals and pocket money. In return, an Au Pair can babysit and do light housework for up to 30 hours max per week and should have enough time off to study a language course and experience the Irish culture.
The National Childcare Agency regrets to inform clients that we do not recruit Au Pairs. We are happy to discuss alternative options available to families or redirect you to agencies specifically working with Au Pairs

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Nannies usually work 4-5 days per week providing a stimulating, loving, nurturing environment in the family home. Duties include preparing children's meals, school/after school collections, children's laundry, tidying children's play areas and bedrooms, organising arts and crafts, baking and trips out with the children. Babysitting can be organised for evenings and weekends also. A typical nannies day is 8-6 Monday to Friday with the option of a live in/live out nanny.

Typical weekly salary €400-€600* gross

All our nannies have previous childcare experience and many hold relevant childcare qualifications.