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I've never snagged one on the trapline, and I also have not yet had a coyote rip a fox from my traps ( a bad habit they have- yotes hate foxes).

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T. In 1976 Governor Brown appointed Coyote and poet  to the California Arts Commission ( 296).
I had to convert the file and some of the quality did get lost to grain, but, the fact that this is a Coyote is still quite obvious.

My sister has been spotting them over on Fort Belvoir as well a few months ago., There has been some sightings in Nanjemoy as well.

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Coyote talks about his connection with and provides good background information about the Diggers.
It's also featured in a book put out for PA Trapper's Association on canine trapping from "top PA trappers", though there is me and a guy from NYS in there too ( who can really bust eastern coyotes btw).


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I understand that typically, a set that works for foxes can be scaled up for 'yotes, and I'd likely use the same set with a slightly longer step-back.

Though they never really paid off for me with foxes, I would go with a few scent post sets for coyotes too.

I've smoked them with an egg and a feather at a dirt hole set for years, but would love to add to my arsenal (figurative speaking, of course).

Coyote ready out of the box, but work great on foxes too- and I am told by PA coyote trappers that the 2 coil model is more than enough to hold onto a big eastern yote.

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Coyote's comments were included in the essay "Brautigan's Wake," by Peter Manso and Michael McClure, published in in May 1985, the year after Brautigan's death.

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Whoever got that is old.


Wow, what are the odds on that?

The coyote's I can deal with, had a few up close and personal experiences with them...

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The Diggers, co-founded by actor Peter Coyote, also organized free music concerts and street theater events, such as the Death of Money Parade and the Invisible Circus.

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Haight-Ashbury historian, said the Diggers formed when members of the San Francisco Mime Troupe, Emmett Grogan, Peter Berg, Peter Cohon (Coyote), , William (Bill) Fritsch (aka Sweet Willie Tumbleweed), Judy Goldhaft, and others, argued for throwing all the Troupes' energies into the Haight-Ashbury District.

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Emmett, [Peter] Coyote, and the Hun frequently talked about the wealth of talent represented in ALF and discussed various ideas for getting them all to work together as artists on one giant project, on one colossal 'liberating' event.