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Let's begin by getting a definition of the terms in the title of this presentation: language shock and culture shock.

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Cultural Identity and Heritage Languages

However, the language barrier concerns most immigrants and frightens people.
When we are learning a new language, we need to learn the language as well as have an awareness of the culture. It is important of will have to learn new meanings and new ways of behaving.

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Language learning and cultural adaptation is basically becoming as a child again.
teaches Spanish language and culture to grades 1-8. The students at each level learn vocabulary and grammar, engage in conversation, and actively learn of the culture.


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You cannotsubstitute language and culture study for evangelistic zeal.
9) While this paper does not address the problems of the third generation, it strives to pinpoint specific ways in which first generation and second generation immigrants can reach a stable multicultural identity and thus pass this on to their own children. This proposes that inorder to cultivate a stable multicultural identity one must be fluent in both heritage and host languages.

Immigrants have the hardest time moving to a different country because they need to know the language and the culture the country has to offer.
As the child of immigrants she had never had the opportunity to interact with aunts and uncles. The overwhelming welcome from her relatives transcended the language barrier.

Culture clash was widely blamed for the failure of the joint venture.

294). The Japanese and British cultures differ because of the styles used in their languages. The Japanese language is very accommodating and holds many characteristics to 'save face' It is seen as an indirect 'status-oriented language' (Fitzgerald, 1993, p.

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45). Nevertheless, such a policy is more likely to make immigrants feel at ease and welcome than no formal recognition at all. More immigrant parents need to be assured that it is acceptable to celebrate both cultures and languages in the home. Even though the U.S.

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You have to feel the gut-wrenching frustration and embarrassment first hand to really understand.Before leaving the list of frustrations of language shock and culture shock, I would like to elaborate on the list of symptoms of culture shock.

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Americans have towards multilingualism, many immigrant parents choose not to teach their child their heritage language or culture. As they grow up, these second generation immigrants lose their ability to relate to their family and heritage culture. The second generation immigrant does not have the same level of gratitude his or her parents have for living in a more economically developed country. Their assimilation into the U.S.

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And last of all, to give such a list implies that language learning and cultural adjustment are merely a list of facts or a body of knowledge to be memorized and stored, when in fact, they are a set of skills and attitudes to be acquired and used.