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4 with new CDC data showing the rate of suicide for teen girls in 2015 had reached a 40-year high

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teen suicide rates on native American reservations ..

More federal resources may be needed to address the string of teen suicides ..
Third, I see no reason in a massive dataset to lump gay and lesbian teens (2 percent of the sample) together with bisexuals (6 percent), and those who said they were “not sure” about their sexuality (3 percent). Large samples such as this one offer analysts the opportunity to evaluate smaller groups by themselves. That the authors did not do this makes me wonder why they didn’t, especially given that bisexual teens outnumber gay and lesbian teens in these data by a ratio of 3-to-1. Could it be that the findings on suicide attempts are driven by bisexual teens, especially since their pattern of suicide ideation and planning rates outpaced the same among gay and lesbian teens in earlier iterations of this data? In the Relationships in America data, bisexual adults exhibit far greater suicide ideation than any other group (analyses not shown).

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Recent events in the news have exposed the hidden tragedy of suicide .Recent CDC findings show in 2016 the suicide rate in America reached a 30-year high.
Conversely, the in-migration influx of ethnoracial groups with historically low suicide rates, such as Latinos, may exert a downward pressure on the overall rate.


Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death

For instance, a large number of the retirees and seniors moving to Nevada may be particularly vulnerable to isolation and suicide, especially when they lose a spouse or close friend, face an unexpected financial crisis, or struggle with chronic or terminal health problems.

It is not easy being a teenager in 2017 in America. And it’s certainly more complicated for those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, despite the fact that tolerant attitudes are more common in the general population than in decades past. Same-sex marriage signifies many things to its fans and its foes. And now it appears associated with a short-term emotional bump for sexual minority youth in America. But is it a robust, long-term panacea for the emotional struggles of teenagers? My concerns about the fragility of this new study, together with the evidence from tolerant Sweden, suggest the answer is “unlikely.”

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Another missing factor—the elephant in the room, perhaps—is the specter of sexual assault and abuse. Forced sex was experienced by 17 percent of youth who reported only same-sex sexual contact in the survey administrations from 2001 to 2009, a figure 63 percent higher than that cited by youth who reported only opposite-sex sexual contact. “Soul murder” was how the mother of a graduate school friend of mine put it after her son hanged himself, more than a decade after enduring the sexual abuse of a scoutmaster. It was my first up-close encounter with the human toll of sexual abuse. No amount of stigma suppression could ever salve that pain. Among bisexual teen girls who attempted suicide—as reported in the 2015 wave of data—37 percent said they had been sexually assaulted. To be sure, these are not the accounts of every troubled LGBT youth. But where it is, it is a significant wound, one ignored in the JAMA study.

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Second, we are treated to only one outcome—attempted suicide—when at least in the CDC data: (1) thinking about committing suicide, (2) planning how to commit suicide, and (3) attempting suicide that resulted in an injury that had to be treated medically. This last one in particular is a glaring absence. Is it because the outcome they used was the only one that displayed a statistically significant effect of same-sex marriage legislation? I don’t know, but it is an answerable empirical question.

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Understanding this frontier mentality might help explain why rural areas have higher suicide rates than metropolitan areas and why White men and Native American men have the highest rates of all.