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Spiritual Meaning of Symbols and Signs

Symbols are the languages of the soul

Symbols are the language of dreams
His companion, a warty old woman, asks Arthur how he came to be king, and Arthur, looking skyward, says he received kingship through the supernatural sanction of "the Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in shining samite" who lifted Excalibur "aloft from the bosom of the lake" to bestow it upon him, this description setting up Dennis's rejoinder: "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

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Maud is compared in "The Rose of the World" (36) to Helen of Troy, who wassired by a god, so her beauty, and beauty in general, is related again tosupernatural elements.


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A tree can bewitch you offering a sense of mystery and magic, taking you into the journey of green respect towards this witness of time passing, into the wisdom of its mature being. Its roots lie deep in the ground. The leaves draw energy from the sunlight. The trunk is strong and wide. What is the tree hiding: ancient secrets, ghosts, goblins, spirits, ferries or just squirrels?Ancient Slav ZodiacTree Signsspiritual meaningTreeIs there a specific animal that fascinates you more than the rest? Is there an animal that you associate yourself with? Is there a quality that you can relate to?For Shamans, each animal has a lesson to teach us and main qualities of animals are captured within their animal spirits that come into contact with us to heal us and inspire us in our spiritual journey. Their special energies can teach us and guide us in our search. Ask your inner being what your inner animal is, and let its qualities inspire you.the secret art of the land of Khem (an ancient name for the land of Egypt), is maybe one of the two oldest sciences known to the world. an angel gave Adam the mysteries and secrets of Kabbalah and of , promising that when the human race understand these inspired arts, the curse of the forbidden fruit would be removed and man will again enter into the Garden of Eden. To read more about Hidden among obscure drawings and fascinating art work of ancient cultures is the re-occurring symbolism of the Tree of Life.Seeking immortality, seeking perfection, searching for Lapis, the Philosophers Stone, Alchemists, Cabbalists, Taoists, Yogis, Mystics of our past experimented with physical manifestations, with their bodies, emotions, thoughts, offering formulas hidden within a vail of images, symbols, mantras, for mystics of the future to contemplate and follow. The meaning of the 'Tree of Life' is very powerful and it is often seen as the Key to Consciousness, Enlightenment, Bliss.MayanEarthmystical world tree four directions about Mayan World Tree, Babilonian Axis Mundi, Nordic Ygdrassil.BuddhistsIndiansWhat is your number?The spiritual and occult meaning of numbers withing the Kabbalah Tree of Life, Tarot, compared to Ancient Egypt and Magic of China. Lucky and unlucky numbers accros cultures and centuries.The magic of their energy and ways of their manifestation.Zero atheismLove knows no boundaries.Symbols of Love remind us of the Force of Love and its Eternal WisdomThe symbolism of ‘light’ all across the cultures connects us with consciousness, wisdom, moral purity, intelligence, angels, beauty.The worship of light in the form of sun worshipor fire worship is one of the earliest form of worships.is a circle that represents Wholeness, that represents Divine, our relation to the Infinite, the world within our body and mind and the world outside. The mandala is used in many spiritual traditions.According to Jung, mandala is a magic circle, the symbol of the Self, formed by archetypal forces of the unconscious that the artist is not aware of during the creation of the work. It is a symbolic representation of primordial forces that materialize in magical, mysterious fashionRepresenting:From this primordial triangle proceed all of the other figures, shapes, forms, all other numbers, the magic of manifestation.4 Elements Ritual, the mysticism and magic...Spiritual not Religious Gathering. using Rituals from around the Worldis a sacred syllable representing Brahman, it is the name of God, the sound of creation, the vibration of the Supreme. Hindus believe that the divine consciousness took the form of the vibration of the sound OM. says: om tatsatiti nirdesho brahmanstrividhah samratah - OM, tat and sat are the triple terms of Brahman - Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.Tibetan Buddhists place om at the beginning of their main mantra In Advaita philosophy it represents three merged into one, a trinity. It is made of three letters: A, U and M that, it is believed, contain all other sounds. It is a that if repeated can resonate with the soul.Many use this symbol as an expression of spiritual perfection.Doves are considered a symbol of faithful and eternal love because they mate for life. Depictions of two doves together symbolize everlasting love.In Slavic countries the dove symbolises a soul's return to heaven
Gypsies believe that the dove is a messengers of love from the spirit world.

The ocean of milk (ksheer sagar), which was churned by the gods and demons, represents the mind or the consciousness, which contains many hidden secrets and treasures. Immortality is also hidden in it. In Hindu literature, the mind is always compared to an ocean (mano sagaram) while thoughts, emotions, modifications and projections of the mind to the waves that rise and fall. The symbolism of the mind as an ocean is universal, known in other cultures also.

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The symbolism also suggests that God, Self or Vishnu, is the support for the mind when one is engaged in concentration and meditation or in any spiritual churning of the mind and body. You know that the tortoise has a very hard outer shell, while its inner parts are very tender. Therefore, it also symbolizes a yogi’s state of mind which is impenetrable from outside, but very tender and compassionate from inside filled with devotion to God. The tortoise also symbolizes the human head. The outer shell represents the skull and the inner parts the brain. The head is the support of all spiritual activities just as Vishnu was in the churning of the ocean.

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The great serpent Vasuki, who was used by gods and demons to churn the ocean, represents desire or intention. In Hindu symbolism, desire has traditionally been compared to a thousand hooded serpent. As a divine serpent, Vasuki represents the resolve, desire or the good intention of the gods and demons to obtain Amrit and attain immortality. Without right intention, there can be no initiation into spirituality and without intention and initiation there is no possibility of achieving liberation.