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In addition to these stresses, freshmen athletes must also meet the increased academic demands at the college level.

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Many freshmen student-athletes are unprepared to successfully deal with these stressors, and knowledge about those specific factors leading to heightened stress levels is essential in the planning of effective intervention programs.

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Stress is anything that alters your natural balance. When stress is present, your body and your mind must attend to it in order to return you to balance. Your body reacts to stress by releasing hormones that help you cope with the situation. That in turn takes energy away from the other functions of your brain, like concentrating, or taking action. There are two different sources of stress: external triggers, like getting a poor grade or breaking up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, and internal triggers, like placing high expectations on yourself.


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Stay away from procrastination temptations when you have a deadline looming. Smart phone, PS4, Netflix ... need I say more?
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While many freshmen must learn to successfully navigate the increased academic and social demands associated with college success, the freshmen student-athlete has the additional stress of athletic responsibilities.

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Although several studies have examined isolated sources of stress in college athlete populations (e.g., health concerns) or athlete specific stressors (e.g., missing class for team-related travel and having to make up work), few studies have examined a wide variety of stressors that affect both athlete and non-athlete populations to ascertain how athletes might be more or less affected by traditional sources of college student stress.

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As will be discussed below, similar to previous studies (Humphrey et al., 2000; Papanikolaou et al., 2003), we found that college student-athlete’s stressors differ in a variety of ways from their non-athlete counterparts.


We assessed various stressful events specifically oriented to college students’ lives (e.g., “struggling to meet your own academic standards”) using questions adopted from The Survey of Recent Life Experiences developed by Kohn, Lafreniere, and Gurevich (1990) which has shown to possess both validity and reliability (de Jong, Timmerman, & Emmelkamp, 1996).

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Hence, the purpose of this exploratory study was to identify those stressors identified by Division-I freshmen athletes as most prevalent during their first semester in college.

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In summary, there is a need to identify specific sources of stress that significantly affect student-athletes that may differ from those experienced by the traditional non-sport college student.