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In fact, the success of German unification was due to the interplay互相交織 of many factors.

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The end result was Germany emerging as a strong nation and Italy appropriately, the weaker.
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As the conflict continued Denmark refused to agreeto the sort of arrangements that were then sponsored by Prussiaand Austria with the result that the two Ducal provinces wereeffectively seized from Denmark by Prussia and Austria.
The fact that the Prussian army had contributed towardspreventing arrangements in relation to Schleswig and Holsteinthat would have been unacceptable to German sentiment allowed thePrussian army and Bismarck to seem more acceptable to many inPrussia and beyond and made the liberal parliamentary oppositionto the army reforms seem out of touch and less relevant.

After the conclusion of a Convention of Gastein of August 1865whereby Prussia was to administer Schleswig and Austria was toadminister Holstein Bismarck was ennobled as a Count by thePrussian king.

Although King William I hoped for peace with Austria Bismarckhoped to engineer some dispute or other over the subsequentadminstration of Schleswig and Holstein into a war againstAustria that would lead, after a Prussian victory, to Austriabeing excluded from influence in much of Germany.


ITALIAN UNIFICATION Agreement between Italy (Cavour) and France (Napoleon III).
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The succession then passedto Frederick's eldest son, a young man who was of a strong willedand somewhat unpredictable temperament, who assumed the throne asWilliam II.

The new ruler of Germany was dissatisfied with the cautiousforeign policy being followed by Bismarck and also preferred thatsocialism should be conciliated rather suppressed.


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Rome resists because the Church stands to lose a lot of land with unification.
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Italy Mazzini Garibaldi Cavour Italy: Leaders of Unification Formed a nationalist group known as “Young Italy” in 1832.
He called for an end to foreign rule and the unification of Italy based on the common language and culture of the people.

STEPS TO GERMAN UNIFICATION 1866-1867: Seven Weeks WarThe war was over quickly.
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ITALIAN UNIFICATION They drove Austria out of Lombardia but failed to drive them out of Venetia.
France was given Savoy and Nice in exchange for their help.

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ITALIAN UNIFICATION In March 1861, a parliament of all of Italy except Rome and Venetia, agreed on unifying Italy with Victor Emmanuel as its first king.
Rome was declared Capital of Italy, despite that it was not even in the new Kingdom.

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Tension between the industrial north and agricultural south.
Different ways of life.
Different dialects of Italian.
Disorganized political parties caused an unstable parliament.
Strikes and riots in the south.

Despite unification, Italy entered the 20th century as a poor country.

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Napoleon agreed to help drive Austria out of the northern provinces of Lombardy and Venetia.
ITALIAN UNIFICATION Victory over Austria awoke nationalist feelings among the states of Central Italy.
A plebiscite held in 1860, determined the incorporation into the kingdom of Sardinia of the states of Parma, Modena and Tuscany.

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CHALLENGES AFTER UNIFICATION NATIONALISM, A FORCE FOR UNITY: GERMANY Following the Congress of Vienna, 38 German States formed the German Confederation.

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Italy: Leaders of Unification Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia.
Used diplomacy and alliances to increase Piedmont-Sardinia power.
Instigates war with Austria to gain control of Northern Italy.
The Brain.
Italy: Leaders of Unification Leader of the Red Shirts (Italian nationalist group that gained control of Sicily in 1860).
Gave up power for the sake of unity – turns over Sicily to Cavour to unite Italy
The Sword.
Italy: Leaders of Unification Mazzini:
There is a metaphor that these three men made up the 'body' of Italian unification, in Soul, Brain and Sword.