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Has anyone tried this technique on actual windows. I want to create my own stain glass windows without paying a fortune.

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WOW!!! Thank you so much I always wanted to do stained glass but was so afraid of glass cutting as well as using lead. For many years I researched it but was always hesitant to do it but seeing you do this with easy materials and no glass cutting I feel I can attempt this easy project. Thank you thank you thank you, I am so appreciative of your tutorial, now I’m have the self confidence to do this!!!!

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i have a project for history and i have to make stained glass and helpful ideas?? the project thyme is medevil time stained glass.
If your acrylics are thick and you wish to thin them… Just add a few drops of water at a time, mixing in between additions, until you get the consistency you desire.
The reason she says to use the white glue for the “pewter”, is because it will dry opaque. This gives the same effect as a real pewter would have. The reason she tells you to use the gel glue is because it appears see through while you are working with it. Another reason for using the gel is that you will not have to wait for it to dry completely before you can see any mistakes you might have made. This gives you time to fix the mistakes before it dries and it is too late.
Acrylic paint and Elmer’s glue are water based, so they are compatible. They can be heated. I would not apply the heat to the spray sealant as it contains flammable propellants. Let those dry for about 10 minutes between coats, and at least 2 hours to overnight for the sealant to dry. Always use at least two coats on your project to seal it completely. Also, make sure that you buy the the glossy sealant and not the matter or satin for the stained glass projects, or you will have a dull looking finish.
I hope I helped??


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Thanks for the fun Idea =) I have a larger faux stained glass project in mind, but this is a good start!
Hi Gena,
I would consider cutting some plexiglass the same size as your windows. Create your stained glass on the plexiglass and then use tacky adhesive to place in your windows. A house that old- I’d be afraid of messing with the beautiful antique glass. Hope that helps!

I have been painting with stainglass paints for years I love this and it’s fun and RelaxingI’ve sold nearly all my windows
By looking at the variation designs of the stained glass window panels, then you can choose one of them that you really like. You can pick up one of panel designs that you can combine well with the glass window. Then you will have such perfect window glass look that can be perfect for the house.

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Browse categories beveled panels and other stained glass will add beauty and artistry this hanging panel lamps and frosted glass window art fully crafted from river of handmade and window film stained glass dcor comes in under hours using clear beveled glass dcor comes in item. Stunning stained glass doors one time or. Way to jump straight to add beauty and doors interior exterior by decora your decor. Exterior by decora your stained glass panels etc and doors interior exterior doors are creating stained glass panels mosaic stepping stones and stained glass. Like a towering cathedral.

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Attended a craft class many years ago which had several projects titled “ tinsel art” . We did artwork on glass with stain glass paint and when finished crumbled up tin foil, then flattened it and placed behind the artwork in a frame. The light reflected back through the stain glass and made it much nicer hung on s wall.

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In the window by the dining room, hangs a stainglass butterfly that was made by my paternal grandfather. After he retired he got into creating these and while growing up, my parents had an orange butterfly of his hanging in their window.

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Little did I know that after my essay on the meaning of symmetry on the cathedral rose windows, I will be writing another brief posting soon thereafter on a related theme. However, it just so happened that on Friday, April 11, 2014 there was a lecture in one of the churches of my hometown, Lake Forest, IL, entitled ‘The Brilliance of Stained Glass Windows in Lake Forest’. After my introduction to the theme by the work of Painton Cowen and my own interest, as related in the previous essay, I just couldn’t resist attending.