• Apartheid in South Africa
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  • During this time South Africa was under Apartheid.

Reform in South Africa is criticised for not bringing an end to apartheid.

Highlights of a 'Blue Peter' summer expedition to South Africa.

It is an entirely higher sense of what "brother against brother" is.

How women in South Africa are leading the fight for an end to apartheid.
Hmmm, so what about the thousands of innocent people, many children, who were tortured to death by the apartheid regime? What about the innocents killed in bombings by the French Resistance during WWII or by the founders of Israel? We currently kill more innocent children in a couple months of drone strikes than were killed by the bombings noted above. Economic sanctions primarily impact children. Currently, thousands of children in the U.S. die of curable diseases because of our health care distribution system. I guess taking things like collateral damage a case at a time is too much thought, let’s draw a line that says state and corporate actors can do as they please, but people fighting for their own freedom are terrorists. As for taking money from dictators, so did Mother Theresa. Who was it that returned Khadafy to respectability? George W. Bush.
Maybe the lesson to be learned is that you have to judge someone on the whole of their actions, taken in context. Not everyone is a Gandhi or a King, and Gandhi himself admitted that nonviolence would probably not work against a regime that didn’t have to answer to public opinion. A lot of whites in South Africa still don’t seem to get it that they were thieves and interlopers who still are advantaged by the system they set up, even if some farmers in the North are suffering a fate similar to that of the people they displaced. That Mandela was willing to try to break the cycle of “goes around comes around” is an awesome legacy. If anyone deserves to be on a pedestal, he does, warts and all.

& what did the Irish & Scottish people do?

Historic announcement from Cape Town Parliament on the end of apartheid.
In light of the apartheid regime’s military superiority, by the early 1980s, anti-apartheid forces were virtually united around a nonviolent resistance that could achieve maximum participation among nonwhites, divide the white community and move some toward acting on behalf of non-whites, and bring international pressures to bear on the government (Sharp 1980: 163).


More likely syphillus. that’s what is causing the insanity.

Losing them was one thing but later he is shocked to witness what his family has become.
There has been an unprecedented number of Republican filibusters on Cabinet & judicial nominees for this President. About half of those filibusters have happened, since the initiation of the filibuster, to this President. That is all that Harry Reid did effects. It doesn’t effect bills or the passage of laws in Congress. The filibuster is not in the Constitution. Maybe you can tell us all what it is that has happened that is unconstitutional? Try to keep up.

And yet your fore fathers never got locked up for anything they did to the black man during the apartheid period. How do you lock a man up for going against the apartheid system (not referring to Mandela), Who shot at students, at Hector Peterson, did they get locked up? At least Mandela owned up to his crimes, where is the idiot who shot Hector. Do you know that the photographer had to run and change countries to avoid been killed by the government of that time, that is someone’s life messed up by yet again the apartheid system.

What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

1994…. You idiot. Nelson Mandela died yesterday and he was locked up for 27 years!!! That happened a long time ago and nobody living today had ANYTHING to do with that. ARE. YOU. RETARDED? Apartheid did not end at the same time slavery did. So turn your single brain cell on before posting.

Insults and tantrums. It’s what the left is all about, really.

Empty headed Republican………….Hmm, I am sure you totally approve of Obamacare and how it has been implemented. Democrats are just plain stupid and will be solely responsible for the eventual demise of our once “free” and great country. The Politically correct-social justice thinking of educated idiots like you has set this country on a path to destruction. I bet you wouldn’t even give credence to the fact that Nelson Mandela is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people. He even had enough class to admit he is just as wrong as the people responsible for Apartheid.

WHAT! And destroy the whole ethos of liberalism!?

Think about what you said. Skin color, political parties, and whatever country you’re from aside; you’re saying that it’s okay to deny someone there rights and freedom because they did the same to you years earlier. Laws based upon what race you are were shameful back then, and they are just as shameful now. Nothing has changed except for which side is doing the crime. If you thought it was horrible back then, then why are you making excuses for the same thing that’s going on today?

What oppression is there in Norway again white people?

gentlemen….a lot of things happened during apartheid and honestly we would never want to go down that path ever again, the onus is on all of us the now generation to change things for the better, those of us (blacks) in positions of power we need to work towards an apartheid free society and those of us (whites) we need to do the same if we are to leave a better world for our children and their children’s. we can not change the past but we have a responsibility to change today for the betterment of the tomorrow we want….Mandela and his people did their part in good and bad!!!!