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In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, #MeToo is now trending in a social media campaign to show the prevalence of sexual harassment

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Five times men trivialised sexual harassment in the media – and why that’s a problem
"Our current examination of the evidence suggests that sexual harassment is a continuing occupational problem," Quick said. "Have we made progress? Yes, there has been progress on some fronts but not on others and the problem has morphed, becoming more complicated for a variety of reasons found in the current data."

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Sexual harassment was not recognized as being a social problem until the
In the .OUR MANDATE is to cover the continuum of violence against women, including sexual and domestic violence, sexual harassment and stalking, and the effects of exposure to domestic violence on children.The Learning Network will function primarily in English and we will explore ways to share research, information and promising practices with the French Language Training Institute on Violence Against Women.We will ensure that the principles of diversity, equity and accessibility, as well as a strong gender analysis, are evident in all of our work.OUR WORK will undertake a range of objectives and activities.


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How to Report Social-Media Harassment: A Practical Guide
I told this story because I think sexual harassment is alive and well — even in 2013 and it happens in the political arena and Main Street. Pundits claim that persons who seek fame and power are more likely to sexually harass those who work for them. I believe there are plenty of politicians who do not engage in this behavior. I see men who harass women as predators and they will behave that way no matter where they work. Its not about sex, its about having power over someone else. They get away with it because they choose women they believe will not “fight back” or file a complaint. They choose women who are single mothers (like the general manager in the chain restaurant) or those who really need their jobs — and in this work environment, that includes everyone. I think they prefer single mothers because they know there probably isn’t a male in her life who could come after them (physically). Add an HR department that turns a blind-eye and you have a recipe for a nightmare of a working environment — until someone has enough and comes forward publicly, as in the case of Mayor Filner.

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"Sexual harassment in the workplace is a significant occupational health psychology problem," Puente said. "Psychological research has offered understanding into the causes of workplace harassment, as well as some strategies for preventing or reducing it. However, there is limited research regarding the characteristics of harassers, which makes it difficult to predict who will do it and where and when it might happen. What we do know is that harassers tend to lack a social conscience and engage in manipulative, immature, irresponsible and exploitative behaviors."

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Society and the workplace continue to struggle with the very definition of sexual harassment, which limits the ability to develop effective strategies in the workplace.

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Quick and M. Ann McFadyen, a UTA associate professor of strategic management, conducted the review earlier this year. It comes at a time when noteworthy sexual harassment and assault incidents have permeated all aspects of American society.

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The answer is mixed. Although there has been a 28 percent decline in complaints, sexual harassment is a continuing, chronic occupational health problem in the workplace.

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Two University of Texas at Arlington researchers have revisited workplace sexual harassment issues after the initial study was done nearly 20 years ago.

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IMAGE: M. Ann McFadyen, UTA associate professor of strategic management, and James Campbell Quick, the John and Judy Goolsby-Jacqualyn A. Fouse Endowed Chair in UTA's Goolsby Leadership Academy, revisited sexual harassment...