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Wow, powerful stuff.. thank you so much for sharing..You made me cry as I was reading this to my wife.

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Hi there, I come from a military household my mother and father served are corpsman in the Navy and Air Force Reserves. And my grandfathers served in the Navy and Airforce. My uncle served on SEAL Team Two in the Second Gulf War and my other uncle served as the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Pentagon while on and is still on SEAL Team Six. I take great pride in my family and as a young seventeen year old male i always have taken pride and seen honor ing family’s tradition and I hope to one day earn a trident. I openly cried during this movie. Tuned where they pound the tridents into the coffin is based on an actual event. 2nd Lt. Micheal Monsour who was awarded the Medal Of Honor for his actions, threw himself on to a grenade while holding down enemy insurgents. He save for men two snipers and their spotters. This poem is my code I have always lived to make my family proud we are in Hawaiian a Hali koa or a house of warriors.

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Thank you very much for sharing your incredible story. This moving, this poem has impacted many many people and I am glad it has impacted you also. Be well.


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Attn: Wayne
I come from a family of a military background, My grandfather moved here from Finland, and joined the Army. He served in Vietnam. My father sais that his dad used to have real bad dreams(nightmares) He is survived through my father and two brothers and two sisters. One of my Uncles; joined the marine corps. served in Guam and is retired now. I myself am not enlisted or have ever been. but am the oldest of two. My younger brother “T-bone”(his Sapper name) was given to him by his brothers;(combat engineers) was was injured; one survivor out of a few… over in Iraq.
Not a day goes by that hes not in my thoughts or prayers along with all of the men and women who served and still serve. I am very patriotic and I appreciate you posting the Chiefs poem. My brother reminds me of the men portrayed in “Act of Valor” not my little brother anymore but a man of solitude, respect, humbled, a man of high regard, honor, little to say but much thought is put into his words… a man of integrity… a man i strive every day to live my life in representation of what he and others like him have sacrificed.
So as I post this I am thankful for the wisdom that is shared here…
let us not forget we are all Family.
Brothers and Sisters; Fathers and Mothers, some ones child trying to make it home to our loved ones.

I just saw the “Act of Valor” today. By far, the best movie I have ever seen mostly due to the lessons it offers for the viewer. I’m encouraged to know that there are still Americans that live by codes of honor and valor. My gratitude for their sacrifice is eternal.

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Thank you for making available Chief Tecumseh’s poem. Great thanks and appreciation to all the men and women risking their lives so that their citizens would feel free and at peace. Thank you.

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This poem touches me deeply. As a 16 year old, I am going to memorize this and try to live it to the best of my ability. I just saw act of valor with my friends, and the criticized the acting. However, I liked it for the deeper meaning of sacrifice, somethng I hope to apply more in my life. Thank you for sharing this poem; I came straight home and looked it up 🙂

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I also saw the movie yesterday with my 16yr old daughter and though I am not an American I could not help but be moved by this amazing story, which made me bawl unashamedly! My gratitude and heartfelt thank you to the men and women in the U.S. military along with their families who sacrifice so much to make this world a more peaceful/safer place to live. Thanks for sharing the poem, I will be sure to share it with all in my circle.

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Wayne, Thank You so much for posting this wonderful poem. My husband (who is a veteran) & I went ot see this movie tonight, and as I watched I thought every single American should see this Powerful film. Every American should thank whatever God they believe in for being able to have these great men who scarifice so much on our side. Again Thank you for you post

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I love this quote my goal in life is to make the teams! I have wanted to be a seal all my life and I have been training very hard for a few years now and I’m gettin to the age where I’ll finally be able to sign up for the military! I try to live by this quote it is a awesome one!