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Recently, one of our readers sent us some photos of another Modecraft item, most likely a stylist's cabinet:

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Although leather is very hard to work with, the results morethan justify our $1 investment!
The chair had been painted white at some time, probably as part of somebody's "brightening" campaign back when magazines like urged women to "brighten up Grannie's old rocker by painiting it dazzling white" (or some such nonsense). Needless to say, it was impossible to salvage the old finish, so I got out the heat gun and took the thing down to bare wood. An epoxy-based wood filler was used to repair damages and fill the seams. The pieces were sanded with three grades of paper, 60, 100, and 150. The wood was carefully cleaned with naphtha, a petroleum derivative that removes grease but won't raise the grain.

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This set of photos illustrates the things that you can do withstuff that other people throw away.
The inspiration for waterfall comes from handmade furniture emanating from the modernist movements in France, Austria and Germany. The ultra-exclusive French firm of is a major source of these "copycat" designs. Early examples mix Victorian motifs with modernist themes and were designed to appeal to broad audiences. Here are some examples of the "Real Stuff" that was imitated by waterfall manufacturers


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You might be interested to learn that the unusal system of tracks used by Lionel Trains was invented by Mr. Joseph L. Bonanno of Maplewood, New Jersey in 1939. His patent was granted on February 10, 1942. Mr. Bonnano also invented the famous Operating Milk Car that entertained legions of children. (You can watch a of this fascinating toy on YouTube. Mr. Bonnano received Patent No. 2,664,664 for his pioneering work. Keep that in mind the next time you need a sparkling tidbit to enliven an otherwise dull conversation.

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We have a special page all about and a considerable part of it is devoted to the Ironrite ironing machine, mainly because I have one and use it all the time. The following is about the that was sold as an optional accessory to the machine. Lately, they have become somewhat popular as general seating as well as specific seating before the ironer.

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The next smoking stand is almost invisible because it was found everywhere -- particularly in crowded waiting rooms and seedy hotel lobbies. It was designed by Onni Mankki, a Finnish designer/architect who settled in Cleveland Ohio.

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However, the most distinctive part of this stand is thecigar/cigarette lighter. My partner's hand is holding it up inthe photo. This is a milk glass piece that contains a nichrome wireresistance unit, much like the element in a toaster. A clevergravity switch that has a steel ball bearing keeps the lighter"off" when it rests in the stand. When you pick it upand tilt it toward your cigarette or cigar, the steel bearingrolls backwards, completes a circuit and the element glows red-hot. Believe me, this is a DANGEROUS item. The complete lighterassembly is a real rarity because when children came into thehouse, the first thing that went was the cigarette lighter. Ican remember that the thing used to fascinate me when I was akid. Then it disappeared. Even my Father's Absolute Power couldnot stand up to my Mother's hatred of the Cigarette Lighter. Don't ever mess with Mom...

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This is precisely the type of object that sat beside Dad'sChair, from which Paternal dictates (as in "You'll have toask Dad about that") were interspersed with reading thepaper. In my family, the Smoking Stand is an icon of patriarchyand probably was so in many other families of my generation. Political correctness aside, we felt that such an item wasessential to our 1940s restoration.

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The base is made of stainless steel with unusual globes ofopalescent milk glass. The top is cast aluminum and is decoratedwith Western themes -- a six-gun, a covered wagon, a stage coachand horses. The accessories include two ash trays, a cigaretteholder, and a cigar/cigarette lighter. There are receptacles tohold four pipes, as shown. The base is lighted and emits a softglow when all the lights are out except for the smoking stand andthe dial of the radio. Just the scene for listening to the LoneRanger on a winter night.