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Careful selection of breeding stock will improve the breed as a whole.

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Puppies in pet stores are mostly from puppy mills or the occasional backyard breeder who's main objective is producing puppies for profit. Please be careful here as health problems may be common as the "for-profit" breeder does not select the best possible bloodlines that will be compatible for good health, longevity and good temperament.

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Many sources offer purebred German Shepherd puppies, but finding the best source takes time and study. Buying a puppy is a commitment that cannot be taken lightly. Hopefully by choosing the right puppy, you will be taking on a responsibility that will result in a healthy, well adjusted dog that will give you joy and happiness for many years.


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Sheep with disqualifying characteristics should
not be used in a pure bred breeding program nor can they be
registered as Babydoll Southdowns with NABSSAR.

To add to the confusion, breeding programs have blended pure Kush and Kush hybrid genetics with sativa and indica genetics. These genetic combos would never have occurred in nature. They’re the product of human intervention.

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With good care, many ewes will be productive for 8-10 years
Rams and ewes should move with freedom of gait and remain active and sound for a similar period of 8-10 years.
Properly managed Ewes and Rams should be easy keepers and maintain thrifty condition with out grain if on good pasture, with
exception of during lactation, & lambs in their first year.
When selecting replacement-breeding stock consider selecting for sheep with the genetics to produce animals with sound
conformation that provides easy keeping, and easy birthing abilities to their offspring.

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Please be careful of Internet puppy sellers. Many people ignorant of breeding quality dogs, have set up shop on the Internet, making money by selling pet puppies all over the world. In many instances, this is being done with no concern of health, looks or temperament. In some cases, bitches are bred to the same stud every season regardless of compatibilty. These breeders almost always have multiple litters available (sometimes multiple breeds) and will sell indiscriminately to anyone and everyone, and will ship puppies all over the world, with no questions asked! These websites have charming pictures showing children and puppies playing on grassy areas, etc. Typically these breeders have poor breeding stock. They make sweeping generalizations that most "show breeders" do not care about health or temperament and they claim "show breeders" are willing to sacrifice everything for a win in the show ring (not true!). They further claim they are the only ones that care about health and they are the only ones that have REAL Collie temperament. Beware of any website making such broad, inaccurate generalizations! I can't tell you how many calls and emails I receive weekly from innocent people that have purchased family pets from these "so-called" breeders. Some of these Internet puppy sellers have taken money beforehand, with no delivery of a puppy. Other times, when health problems develop in the newly purchased puppy or the puppy arrives sickly and in poor condition, the breeder cannot be reached! Usually once the sale is completed, the buyer is on their own! Ideally you should try to buy a puppy locally where you are able to see the litter, the relatives and the conditions in which the dogs and puppies are kept. The more relatives you can see, the better. And look for older dogs.