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Feb 20, 2018 · Science Versus Myth articles help explain some of the urban legends and more curious aspects of science. Check out these Science Versus Myth articles.

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Finally, the myths that scientists are objective, that experiments are thesole route to scientific knowledge and that scientific conclusions arecontinually reviewed conclude this presentation.

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Fortunately, this is one myth thatmay eventually be displaced since many newer texts are abandoning oraugmenting the list in favor of discussions of methods of science.


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The idea of a ‘scientific Genesis’ emerged in the 1920s, from an astronomer named Georges LeMaitre. This stargazer was more than a mathematician – he was also a priest, a Monseigneur in the Catholic Church. Abbé Georges LeMaitre was devoted to his math, and to the ancient myth of Genesis, and wanted to reconcile his two pursuits.

In Science and Myth the author shows, in the first place, that science too has its mythology, unrecognized and unacknowledged though the fact be.
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Today’s religion – science – dresses its myth in the garments of this highly-specialized tool-making. This makes it even harder to penetrate than the myths of old. By combining mythic belief with technology, we have invented a priestly class of ‘scientists,’ who cannot be questioned even by learned citizens.

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We are asked to believe that ‘science’ somehow equals ‘truth.’ But today’s science functions exactly as myth did in the ancient and medieval world. Science is myth, but with the added dimension of experiment through technology.

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Scientists who had abandoned the old myths for the myth of ‘pure science,’ began to support this barely-disguised notion. They formed proofs, set up complex mathematical structures, opaque to the layman, which argued, ad nauseum, a “somehow” that was confounding enough to keep critics at bay.

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president showed his misunderstanding of science by saying thathe was not troubled by the idea of evolution because it was "just atheory." The president's misstatement is the essence of this myth; thatan idea is not worthy of consideration until "lawness" has beenbestowed upon it.

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Misconceptions aboutscience are most likely due to the lack of philosophy of science content inteacher education programs, the failure of such programs to provide andrequire authentic science experiences for preservice teachers and thegenerally shallow treatment of the nature of science in the precollegetextbooks to which teachers might turn for guidance.

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With this admission, itmay seem that this myth is valid, but contributions from both the philosophyof science and psychology reveal that there are at least three majorreasons that make complete objectivity impossible.