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BY now, most high school dress codes have just about done away with the guesswork.

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policy position on sexualized and gender-specific dress codes

Dress Code Policy - Business & Office Dress
However, as with all policies that govern employees, an employer covered by relevant discrimination laws must apply a dress code policy and related discipline equally to all employees in the same group. The employer must also accommodate dress and grooming based on the sincere religious beliefs of employees, unless it causes undue hardship. Otherwise, the employer faces the threat of lawsuits.

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28/02/2017 · Interested in adopting a work dress code? Here's everything you need, including images, to help you decide the business attire needs for your workplace.
No matter how your office chooses to deal with these issues, policies should be written and readily available to all employees. While employers still retain wide latitude, practical, social and legal factors are requiring more careful consideration in drafting and enforcing your dress codes.


Dress codes serve several beneficial purposes in high schools

Dress Code Policy explains employee rights regarding office and business dress code policy as well as related discrimination.
Dress codes should be enforced consistently, with measures also taken against straight students who dress provocatively, said Diane Levin, a professor at Wheelock College in who writes about the sexualization of young children.

Office dress codes vary greatly by geography, climate, industry, and even within different departments. It can be tough if not impossible to generalize any outfit as "work-appropriate" across the boar
But sometimes, school officials will admit they’ve gone too far. That’s what happened in Fresno, Calif., last month when administrators at Dos Palos High School apologized to Jake Shelly, a sophomore whom they forced to change into a shirt bearing the words “Dress Code Violator.”

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“The courts have divided over how to resolve dress code disputes and reached different results,” the report found. “The legal landscape remains muddled over dress codes and uniforms.”

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Do dress codes and uniforms violate freedom of expression opportunities? We think that this argument is quite weak. Students are free to dress as they and their parents choose during non-school hours. They also need to realize that dress codes and uniforms are a reality of the workplace in the adult world including in professional offices, retail and food stores, delivery services, government offices and service providers such as post offices, public safety employers, and so on.

Pros and cons of school dress code

Mixed record in court
In a legal analysis of dress code policies, the First Amendment Center in Nashville, Tenn., said courts remained divided over how much weight to give schools’ assessments of what constitutes “material or substantial disruption.”

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School officials have a responsibility to provide a safe, secure, and productive learning environment. Dress and appearance play a role in doing so. Although we do not support violating the law, including the legal rights of others, we do believe that properly implemented policies and strategies around dress and appearance are within the realm of reasonable actions which can be taken by school officials to promote a positive school climate.

Dress codes for nurses: Tool to boost professionalism

receives a number of inquiries regarding the issue of school uniforms , dress codes, book bag control, and their role in improving school safety and security. Although we believe that no single strategy is a panacea for improving school safety, we do believe that school uniforms, dress codes, and book bag control can contribute toward improving the school climate. School climate, of course, can play a significant role in reducing security threats and improving school safety.