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Rather we are concentrating closely on the values and attitudes of Greek and Roman people, how they were formed, and how they changed over time.

What were Roman values and how did they decline?

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The formula of the cuirass statue would be one of the most prevalent in the Roman tradition.
The works of both Sudinês and Manethô continued up through the Roman period to be of great interest to historians and astronomers, but unfortunately complete texts of neither work survive.

patricians and celebrated traditional Roman values

What Rome did was to inject the genre with a new set of , a new purpose: namely, to make history.
1) evidence of serious thought on their chosen argument/problem
2) clarity of proposed argument/analysis/system
2) command of the appropriate reading (or whatever evidence is applied)
3) ability to draw in other sources to the discussion
4) command of general history surrounding the specific problem
5) familiarity with the class discussion
6) persuasiveness of argument
7) synthesis of specific problem into the broader issues of Greek and Roman values
8) originality or at least attempted originality


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Mediaeval Greek speakers, and the other citizens of the Empire, whom we would now regard as different nationalities, Armenians, Albanians, Vlachs, etc., were themselves always Romans, , , and the Empire was always , , , , "the Empire of the Romans," or even , Rhômania, as in Latin.

Portraits, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional, were typically detailed and unidealized, although later during the age of (c.27 BCE - 200 CE), the Romans became aware of the propaganda value of busts and statuary, and sought to convey political messages through poses and accessories.

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But while this offends against the core values on which the modern world is based, brutality and human rights abuses are not limited to the past. Enough to think of the stream of refugees struggling to break into the fortunate zones of Europe, and recall that the Roman empire collapsed in the West because of the relatively deprived struggling to get in, not out.

Traditional Roman values greatly ..

What most people would probably regard as an obscure and possibly unpleasant footnote to Mediaeval history, the Byzantine Empire, was in fact still the Roman Empire, known to Western Europeans, "Latins" or "Franks" at the time, as Romania, already the name of the Empire in Late Antiquity.

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Therefore, despite the cultural setbacks that occurred with the fall of the Roman Empire, fitness experienced a revival during the Dark and Middle Ages.

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Indeed, even Edward Gibbon, who actually called Mediaeval Romans (and he does frequently call them that) "a degenerate people" [, Volume III, Modern Library, p.299], nevertheless, when speaking of the replacement of Latin by Greek in the Law, Court, and Army, referred to "the Greek, whose intrinsic merit deserved indeed the preference" [p.295, boldface added].

Augustus was appealing to traditional Roman values.

The Latin conquest of Constantinople in 1204 (at the connivance, sadly, of Venice), and then refugees from the fall of the City to the in 1453, rather crudely, but effectively, brought much of the heritage of the Roman East back into the hitherto poorer Mediaeval civilization of the West.