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  • We are at war in Vietnam.
  • McNamara, Secretary of Defense under both John F.

Born in San Francisco in 1916, McNamara graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in economics before gaining an MBA at Harvard.

McNamara, in his book, says that"...We were wrong, terribly wrong.

[]October 15, 1965: Anti-Vietnam war rallies are held in four U.S.

(1943–) is the former lieutenant of the United States Army during the Vietnam War.
During the year rumors begin to circulate about a massacre of Vietnamese committed by U.S. troops; in September Army Lieutenant William Calley is arrested secretly and charged with 109 murders of Vietnamese civilians. During October the first reports of a massacre at the village of My Lai are published in over thirty newspapers. This causes considerable turmoil and strengthens Anti-War sentiment.

Millions of Americans, throughout the country, participate.

In 1971, Calley was found guilty of murder for ordering the killings of hundreds of South Vi...
In January, Nixon announces new troop withdrawals and reveals that there are secret talks being conducted with the North Vietnamese, and discloses his peace proposals. In March the formal talks in Paris are broken off. The North Vietnamese begin a major offensive across the DMZ. This is the biggest battle of the war. In April bombing near Hanoi resumes. In May Nixon orders the mining of Haiphong harbor.


Protests against the Vietnam war are spreading across America.

Washington initiates funding for the French war against the Viet Minh.
[See Also , University of Michegan] October 12, 1969: 4,000 anti-war demonstrators, Black Panthers, and other activists clash with more than 1,000 military police at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

military operations in Vietnam during the height of the war, from 1964 to 1968.
In mid January the President suspends military operations. Later that month Kissinger and Le Duc Tho talk over a six day period and initiate the agreement for a cease-fire - the Paris Peace Accord. The Secretary of State William Rogers, the foreign ministers of South and North Vietnam, and the Provisional Revolutionary Government sign this agreement on January 23.

[] Prisoners of War Against the War, September 20, 1971

In his talk, Krassner takes a few hilariously low blows at Professor Eugene Burdick, particularly Burdick's critical comments about the Teach-In [See interview with ]

Disillusionment With Vietnam War at New High." Oct 5, 1969.

In the early to mid-1960s, Parris participates in several rallies against the Vietnam War, but by the end of 1965 he ends his relations with white activists.

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Potter's remarks are an extended version of a speech he gave at the : "...now the war in Vietnam...has provided the incredibly sharp razor, the divider, that has finally separated thousands and thousands of people from the illusions about the decency and morality and integrity of this country's purpose internationally."

McNamara was responsible for the ..

On March 29th the last American combat troops leave South Vietnam, leaving only a Defense Attaché Office.
In March the U.S. Draft will also come to an end.

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The upsurge of left-wing sentiment that accompanied the Vietnam War (see The Sixties) made Deutscher a popular figure on university campuses in both Britain and the United States.

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In June the New York Times begins publishing The Pentagon Papers, a top secret Pentagon history of the Vietnam War dating back to 1945, that reveals numerous lies and deceptions told to the American public.