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Books online: Letters to Paul's Delegates: 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus (New Testament in Context S.), 1996, Fishpond ..

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One family story is she met Rev Lloyd in Ireland and they decided to move out to New Zealand
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Nikolaos (Nicolas) is an interesting case because he was a proselyte. This is a good opportunity to review the New Testament meaning of that term. It means he was not a Jew by birth (a genetic Jew), but was a gentile who had adopted the Jewish form of religion with all of its practices and promises. Is his presence in this list evidence that God, at this point in Luke’s narrative, has broken down the barrier of separation between Jew and Gentile and made one new body of the two, the Body of Christ as described by the Apostle Paul in Romans 10-11? No, indeed. For a careful reading of these two chapters in Romans reveals that Israel had been set aside and her redemption, when she will be grafted back into the vine, is still in the future. Second, Nikolaos had chosen to seek God by becoming a Jew in every way, because that was the only way revealed to men at that time. The mystery hidden in God was still hidden, waiting to be revealed through the Apostle Paul later in Acts.

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Well it has everything to do with us in the sense that Satan's tactics aren't any different today than they were then. And we still today have to trust the apostle Paul because we still sit at his feet as our teacher, not through his speaking, of course, because he's long with the Lord, but through his writing. It's important that we trust the apostle Paul. It's important that we understand the character of this man who is behind these thirteen letters, thirteen inspired letters of the New Testament which are so precious to us because they are the Word of God to us, upon which we are still very dependent. And beyond that, what we see in Paul's life as he deals with these issues is a model of Christian character, the man was the noblest of Christians and we learn so much from him.


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Luke’s next writings in Acts return to the events in the Jerusalem church and specifically to Peter. That will begin a new chapter here on the blog. But before we leave the story of Paul’s early ministry in Antioch, I want to visit the passages in Paul’s letters, written decades after these events, where he describes what was revealed to him directly by the Lord. This list is not exhaustive — I’m constantly finding other small references to the uniqueness of Paul’s message and the fact that he received it directly from the Lord and not from men. It also is not in chronological order or prioritized in any way. The passages are listed here in the same order you would find them if you started reading at Romans 1:1 and stopped reading at Philemon 25.

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A copy of the lastwill and Testament of Joseph BARTLETT , dated 6th April 1835, by the same Notary - D(?) ThomasListing in "A Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Bartlett - of Newton, Mass" Compiled by AldisEverard Hibner - published by the Tuttle Company in Rutland, VT in 1934.

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The passages we have just studied are direct accounts of Paul’s encounter with the risen Lord on the road to Damascus, a pivotal point for Paul and for the Gentile world. But Paul refers to this and to other revelations he received from Christ repeatedly in his letters to the churches. The Lord told Ananias that He was going to reveal many things to Paul, and that Paul would serve a purpose that was unexpected in Jewish circles. Certainly all of these revelations did not happen on the road to Damascus nor in the three days following. Few New Testament authors had even one such revelatory encounter — John’s book of Revelation comes to mind, and we revere it highly. But by Paul’s own pen we learn that he had several such revelations over a period of several years.

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In any case, Barnabas and John Mark fade from the scene. Luke chooses to accompany Paul and Silas. Barnabas is mentioned only three more times in the New Testament, (1) Paul’s description of his associations with James and Peter that we have studied extensively in Galatians 2, (2) in defense of his apostleship to the believers in Corinth in I Corinthians 9:6, and (3) as a cousin of “Mark” (John Mark?) who was apparently ministering to Paul in prison at the writing of the letter to the Colossians (Col. 4:10). Indeed, Paul and Silas will shortly rejoin the route of the first journey from its farthest point, Derbe. No mention is made of Barnabas and John Mark having been rejoined, and we assume that their travels never took them that far.

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