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This was after reading communist writer Qu Bo's novels SHAN-HU HAI-XIAO (wuthering mountains and tsunami).

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Communist general Xu Xiangqian stated that he was sent to Tang Enbo's Nationalist Government 31st Army Group in Yushe of Shanxi Province for coordination talks; however, Tang Enbo retreated back to Henan Province shortly afterward, leaving southeastern Shanxi Province to the communist forces.

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With the British kicked out due to their sabotage against the ROC and collusion with the communists, the American Navy, which was less infiltrated by the CPUSA than the American army, estalblished the SACO project with China.


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17/10/2005 · A review and a link to other reviews of Die Ästhetik des Widerstands (The Aesthetics of Resistance) by Peter Weiss. A Literary Saloon &
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Zhang Mutao, a Shenxi native, was linked to the Shenxi communist clique, and during the resistance war, was targeted as a must-kill Trotskyite, arrested by the communists at Yan Xishan's liberation university and handed over to the KMT agents for execution.)

On May 5th, 1936, the Nationalist Government announced the draft ROC Constitution, with eight chapters and 146 clauses.

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Tuscarora author of
Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations
Describes Iroquois creation story

One of the first Native Americans to publish in English

Soldier in the War of 1812
Historical Events
Oral tradition
Focused on the natural world
Indigenous religions and traditional culture
Land untouched by European colonists

Cultural assimilation
Conversion to Christianity, formal education
Transition form oral to written literature
Often published in English

Protest and activist writings
Urge to preserve traditional culture
Works Cited
William Apess
1798 – 1839

Pequot author of
A Son of the Forest
Thought to be the first autobiography written by a Native American

Converted to Christianity, eventually became Methodist minister

Activist for Native American rights
Writings protest the racist treatment of Native Americans
Organized the Mashpee Revolt
Native American Literary Movement

Samson Occom
1723 - 1792

Mohegan author of
A Sermon Preached at the Execution of Moses Paul, an Indian

Thought to be the first Native American to publish in English

Converted to Christianity, became a Presbyterian minister and school teacher
Historical Events
Historical Events
Trail of Tears
1838 - 1839

Forced removal of the Cherokee as part of the Indian Removal Act

Marched over 1000 miles from homeland in South East to Oklahoma

Estimated 4000 deaths (disease, starvation, exhaustion)

Political Figures
Sitting Bull

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"For a commoner, who has no knowledge of these languages (Hindiand English), it is really not going to affect him in any way. If he goesto a government office, they have no problem speaking in Telugu. They speakonly in Telugu for that matter. There are two versions for any kind ofapplication forms. If you take one in Telugu and one in English, you canchoose whichever you want. That option is always given to you. So it reallydoes not affect for a person if he does not know English or Hindi. As longas you know the regional language."

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Carlson, a pro-communist, of course showed no interest in the truth of the communist army's feats at the Campaign and Battle of Pingxianguan.) Shortly after the battle, the CCP, no longer following the war zone commander's orders, dispatched the 115th Division to Mt Wutaishan of northeastern Shanxi, the 120th Division to Mt Guancenshan of northwestern Shanxi, the 129th Division to two sides of Railroad Zheng-Tai [Mt Taiyueshan], and Bo Yibo's "Shanxi Native Duel Column" to southeastern Shanxi Province.

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Tang Enbo's troops, after defeating the Japanese campaign, renewed the push towards the Henan-Anhui-Jiangsu border area to counter the communist forces who made the stealthy encroachment in the wake of the Japanese campaign.

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Despite massive amounts of American lend-lease aid (over US$5 billion from 1941 through 1945), the Nationalist Chinese Army frequently avoided major engagements with the Japanese and was seen as preferring to stockpile material for a later struggle with the communists.