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Common law: Common law, the body of customary law in the United Kingdom, the United States, and most Commonwealth countries.

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This chapter begins with remedies that replicate primary rights. For a primary right to be replicated in a court order it must satisfy three criteria. First, it must be infringed or in danger of being infringed. Second, the right in question must not be extinguished by its infringement. Third, there must be no policy reasons which militate against the replication of the right. This chapter focuses on remedies originating at common law. It examines particular remedies in the context of leading cases to illustrate why they belong in their assigned category. Furthermore, it explores three issues in relation to each remedy: the nature of the remedy; the nature of the substantive right that it replicates; and the means of executing the remedy.

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When the NLRB investigation finds sufficient evidence to support the charge, every effort is made to facilitate a settlement between the parties. If no settlement is reached in a meritorious case, the agency issues a complaint. Common allegations against employers in complaints include threats, interrogations and unlawful disciplinary actions against employees for their union activity; promises of benefits to discourage unionization; and, in the context of collective bargaining relationships, refusals to provide information, refusals to bargain, and withdrawals of recognition. Common allegations against unions include failure to represent an employee and failure to bargain in good faith.


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The issuance of a complaint leads to a hearing before an NLRB Administrative Law Judge (unless there is a settlement). After issuing a complaint, the NLRB becomes a representative for the charging party throughout settlement discussions and the Board process. Board attorneys help gather and prepare materials, and keep the parties apprised of case developments.

Tenants should be aware of their rights and the remedies available to them as a tenant in Massachusetts. Learn the most common types of tenant rights in this guide.
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Injunctions Specific Performance Damages (equitable) (equitable)

Expectation reliance loss of income intangible losses One or more remedies can be available for breach of contract, but damages are most
common (compensation for loss suffered as a result of the breach). PL rarely acquires
specific performance, but rather the monetary value of X because the courts do not like to
compel individuals. Types of damages include: 1) 2) 3) 4)

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There are two types of remedies: legal and equitable. Legal remedies are money-based and seek to financially compensate one for the damage that has occurred. Equitable remedies require a specific performance. Examples of equitable remedies are injunctions, restitution, and reformation. In cases where damages are difficult to quantify, equitable remedies may be more appropriate.

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Under its statute, the NLRB cannot assess penalties. The agency may seek make-whole remedies, such as reinstatement and backpay for discharged workers, and informational remedies, such as the posting of a notice by the employer promising to not violate the law.

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In the beginning phase of a lawsuit, there is a complaint, followed by the defendant's answer in which he or she tries to counter everything in the claim. The defendant then may file a counterclaim. Counterclaims are lawsuits within a lawsuit in which the defendant files a claim against the plaintiff. There then may be a preliminary motion, of which the outcome can be dismissal due to no legal claim based on reading the complaint, or a summary judgement in which a decision can be based on the facts of the case that are not in dispute.

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This talk examines the range of remedies available in private law claims as well as analysing the principles and practice of the quantification of damages.