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(As "RELEVANCE" is clicked on)The application of content to students' lives and society, or the purposefulness of the content.

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Perhaps another view of relevance should be considered. Renowned reading researcher, Anita Archer, categorizes the Achievement Gap as largely a misnomer. She says what we really have is a “literacy gap.” I tend to agree. Until we address this fundamental issue, issues such as instructional strategies to establish relevance are futile. In fact, content literacy should be the true means of attaining educational and personal relevance. Relevance becomes a by-product of educational success, not a series of instructional strategies designed by well-intentioned educators.

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Much of the renewed interest in relevance has developed from panic-attack reactions to the highly publicized Achievement Gap. Well-intentioned, teacher-induced guilt brings the “it must be my fault that I am not meeting student needs” response. Teachers rush to develop “real-world” career applications to lessons on primary numbers. Teachers ditch archaic Shakespeare for analyses of current hip hop songs. Teachers spend inordinate amounts of time establishing a motivational framework to convince students to memorize the scientific method or key elements from the Periodic Table of Elements. Teachers drop rules of classroom decorum to be culturally sensitive to students who have the proclivity to engage in impulsive outbursts.


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Relationships Australia NSW acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land and waters on which we live and work, and pays our respects to Elders past, present and future for they carry the cultural wisdom, the stories, the traditions and dreaming. With a commitment to reconciliation, we acknowledge the ongoing impact of past policies and practices, and commit our endeavours to creating a just society and sector that celebrates the ongoing resilience and self-determination of our first peoples and communities.

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An effective way to allow a reader to focus on the more relevant information of the text; done by covering up unnecessary text as well as hiding other distractions.

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Changing the font size and increasing the sizing of images helped the student to see the math item more clearly; this change was construct irrelevant to the math skills being assessed by the item.

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The extent to which test scores are influenced by factors (e.g., mode of presentation or response) that are irrelevant (not related) to the construct that the test is intended to measure.

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In order to support students' understanding of the causes of the Civil War, the teacher asked students to create a concept map that depicted the relationship between the various events.

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Refers to the factors (e.g. mode of presentation or response) that are relevant (related) to the construct that the test is intended to measure.

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