• Censorship and the Internet: A Singapore Perspective.
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  • Regulation of the Internet of Things

The paper observes that there are various pressures ongovernments to regulate the Internet.

There are many different issues regarding internet regulation.

New services andincentives launched for the Internetwork Hub.

It concludes that there is no one universal model forInternet content regulation.
But the problem is that it can still be viewed through streaming porn websites where these are viewable for free without any kind of membership with a fee.

The abuse of women and young children when it comes to human trafficking is a shocking dilemma that we have to face in the world today, and the Internet doesn't protect them from such acts of violation and abuse.

Theresa May's Internet Regulation Plans Are Quietly Terrifying

Other forms of Internet regulation is domain registration, IP address control, etc.
If so, those who say censorship and other forms ofcontent regulation of the Net are futile miss the point [30]:censorship was never intended to be 100 percent effective.


The tech industry consensus against internet regulation …

Net users appear puzzled by governments' intention toregulate the Internet.
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These include commercial (.com or .co), university (.ac or .edu) and other research networks (.org, .net) and military (.mil) networks and span many different physical networks around the world with various protocols, chiefly the .

The Internet is a global network connecting millions of personal, institutional and company computers.

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Whether they're government-related files, personal emails, research information, and the likes, the Internet is our go-to medium for anything, and everything.

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Thumbnail sketches of the regulatory frameworks in severalcountries, especially the United States, France, Singapore,China and South Korea, are then outlined.

Issues in the Regulation of Internet Quality of Service

Ultimately, each country'sregulation of the Internet is driven not by technology or lawbut by the culture--in the broadest sense of the word--of thesociety.

Internet Regulation What is the Internet

It got the world buzzing about these two ridiculous acts, but nonetheless it has been put on hold, with hopefully no way of stemming in the future.

What are the Pros and Cons of Regulating the Internet?

The Internet's floodgates cannot be locked and monitored to a point where it affects the way we access information off the web.

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Regulating the Internet would mean putting a stop to content and activities linked to social unrest, and racial hatred among men and women.

Child pornography is an industry that is booming in the porn genre, simply because we live in a world where mentally sick men and women that have an absent conscience when it comes to young kids, exist among us.

Business and Marketing Article Critique: Regulation and the Internet

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