• Psychoanalytical Theory in Brief
  • Applying Psychoanalytic Theory in an OD Intervention
  • Psychoanalytic Studies of the Personality.

Finally, there is a section on some of themany criticisms of psychoanalysis, with responses.

Psychoanalysis and the War Neuroses.

Psychoanalytic Aesthetics: An Introduction to the British School.

 Psychoanalysis remains the single most influential theory for the practice ofpsychotherapy.
It is with huge pleasure that we announce the launch of The Chinese Annual of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. We believe that making the IJP more accessible to Chinese speakers is crucial to promoting the interchange between Anglophone and Chinese speaking psychoanalysts, and a significant step in further opening up the IJP to non-English…

The Psycho-Analysis of Children.

Non-Interpretive Mechanisms in Psychoanalytic Therapy: The ‘Something More’ Than Interpretation.
These manifestations, such as stiffness, or peculiarities of personality, such as afixed smile or arrogant behavior, develop into permanent character traits.


Psychoanalytic Theory: An Introduction.

PEP-Web’s got an expanding collection of films, documentaries and interviews about psychoanalysis. In each newsletter we’ll be sharing some of our favourites. Insights in Psychoanalysis is a series of interviews with the world’s most cited analysts. There’s already over 20 available on PEP-Web and the aim is to produce 100.

The Mourning After, a film directed by Donna Bassin and funded by PEP-Web, has won the prestigious .
The film explores how US veterans are turning the traumatic grief of war into community activism and art. A round-table discussion by senior psychoanalysts illuminates the therapeutic action embedded in these restorative and redemptive activities
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Han Plaut explores the evolution of psychoanalytic theory.

“My working definition of psychoanalysis is that it’s the disciplined study of whatever it is people do not want to know about themselves.”

Changing Ideas In A Changing World: The Revolution in Psychoanalysis.

Revista de Psicoanálisis, a publication of the Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina (APA), Volumes 1-27 (1943 – 1970) has been added to PEP-Web and is now available to all subscribers. The leading journal in psychoanalysis in Latin America for this period, you will find in its contents many of the classic original contributions. Those unable to read Spanish…

The Interpersonal World of the Infant.

The leading journal in psychoanalysis in Latin America for this period, you will find in its contents many of the classic original contributions. Those unable to read Spanish should access PEP-Web via the Google Chrome browser and use its to read in their own language. Spanish-English is remarkably good.

The Aesthetic Development: The Poetic Spirit of Psychoanalysis.

The stage of parenthood has the virtue of the capacity to care forothers and the issue of integrity (Erikson, 1950). Klein was an important figure in the development of psychoanalysis because shewas one of the first to put greater emphasis on the pre-Oedipal stages (Klein, 1975).

Psychoanalytic theory includes:

Sigmund Freud developed Psychoanalytic Theory of personality that suggests that early experiences influence all human behaviour. The Theory explores two territories of the human mind, the conscious and the unconscious.