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10/01/2018 · Playing with PhoneMe poetry

Picture Book Den: Playing with Poetry • Lynne Garner

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The only computers could fill a whole room and were only found in movies.As children, as all children we were innocent, care free and totally without any fear.Poetry 1 Growing Pains 2 Swansea Clouds 3 Navigator of my life 4 Looking at You 5 Building a Palace from boxes 6 Woodbine Man 7 My Cup 8 Little Boy 9 Hiding below the window sill 10 I sense all 11 Seeing my reflection 12 Creative Crying 13 A Religious Sinner 14 A Number 15 My Hands 16 My Well 17 To Catch a Man 18 Too much Doubt 19 Apotheosis 20 Do you know who I am? 21 The Word 22 Angels now have Kalashnikovs 23 Heaven and Hell or sitting in between? 24 Church 25 Tell me Holy Man 26 Cigars and holding your breath 27 Too late for Tomorrow 28 The Roman Boss 29 Insannity

Poetry 1: Playing with language | Hamilton Trust

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The third-person narrator can be omniscient--a narrator who knows everything that needs to be known about the agents and events in the story, and is free to move at will in time and place, and who has privileged access to a character's thoughts, feelings, and motives.


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And where better to start this new series of postings about glorious international foodstuffs than with Scotland’s national dish, haggis? After all, today is January 25th, 2017: the 258th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, Scotland’s national bard. And tonight, the devouring of haggis will be one of the main activities (alongside the reciting of Scots-dialect poetry, the playing of bagpipes and the downing of industrial quantities of Scotch whisky) at Burns suppers held in honour of the great man the world over.

Playing With Prepositions Through Poetry ..
Pluck buffet may also lie at the heart of a Celtic known as the "trade of blows" in which one warrior agrees to trade strikes with another; in the case of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, pluck buffet takes a potentially lethal turn when Gawain and the green elf-knight play the game using giant axes.