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I have in my computer over 1000 floor plans saved from HDB website at every Sale of Balance Flats, or collected from various forums. Due to the massive effort needed to collect them and high valuable, for some money.

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The 100 floor plans displayed in this article represent 90% of all HDB flat types built before BTO era.
Looking for floor plan of certain flat? Do a Google search with street or precinct name (rather than block number). Look on or other forums, where people post their floor plans asking for renovation ideas, or . Do not ask me for floor plan because is unlikely to have and give you the correct floor plan, I do not have more than what can yourself steal from forums.


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BUT in my opinion is not possible to start a new town using the current BTO system, flats sold before being built. Who the fuck will apply for a BTO flat located in middle of nowhere, without knowing how many other blocks or amenities will be launched nearby? The single solution is to start building NOW and sell them through SOBF when some amenities are at least planned! Proof: the very low 0.4 application ratio for May 2013 BTOs in ulu corner of Sembawang.

1967-1978 (estimated years) slab block with 1-Room Improved (33 sqm)
The ONLY remaining 1-room home ownership block is blk 7 Telok Blangah Crescent, two more blocks did existed but got SERS: blk 309 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and blk 33 Taman Ho Swee. All other 1-room blocks are rental. Some of them are 2 meters wider, flats 6096 mm long instead of 5486 mm, toilet is squarish and kitchen is L-shaped around toilet, having 2 windows (example blk 123 Bukit Merah View). No floor plans available, because HDB never provide floorplans for rental flats.

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I wrote this article from my own personal research since 2009, because others (including Wikipedia) are incomplete, not detailed, create confusion and may contain errors. Please do not copy any part of page TEXT without my approval. Photographs are from Panoramio, Wikipedia, etc and are linked to their original source. Feel free to use the HDB floor plans, for using photographs you may want to ask permission to their original authors. .

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During the initial research in 2009, I took floor plans from October 2009 Sale of Balance Flats, copying images from PDF brochures (one PDF per town, few hundred floor plans to choose from). I choose 52 images, the ones with yellow-cream background, about 400-600 pixels tall, 29 pixels per meter. Additional floor plans were collected from random forums and blogs, reaching 100 images in 2012, some PNG, some JPG, different image resolution and scan quality, the page looked like a shit!

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This page shows floor plans of 100 most common HDB flat types and most representative layouts. Many other layouts exists, unique layouts with slanted rooms, as well as variations of the standard layouts, these usually have larger sizes.
Looking for certain town or flat type? Use Ctrl+F to search within this page.

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Lots of variations exists. Example: , the units that are not next to staircase do not have that thick wall, units that are not next to corridor-end unit do not display a second door on corridor, all these 4 can be mirrored, total 8 possible floor plans. I can post over 1000 floor plan variations, and no one will know how many other variations exists. This would overload website and will create trouble for people trying to find a basic floor plan.