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If you are concerned that a child is a victim of abuse, you may not be sure what to do or how to respond.

Another look at the effects of child abuse. NIJ journal, 251, 23-24.

The costs of child abuse and the urgent need for prevention.

Not only does child abuse and neglect harm the victimsthemselves, but also it harms families and communities. Nonoffending parents notonly must help their children recover from maltreatment, but also must dealwith their own complicity in permitting the maltreatment to occur, or infailing to recognize the signs of abuse in their children. The presence ofchild abuse and neglect in a community reflects attitudes about child rearing,punishment, and acceptance of violence as a solution to problems.

Wounds that time won’t heal: The neurobiology of child abuse.

This report presents a variety of information on the subject of child abuse and neglect.
Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina (PCANC) welcomes John H. Jo of Wake Forest to its 2017/2018 statewide board of directors. Jo joins a team of 13 volunteer leaders dedicated to…


Physical abuse is the second most common form of child maltreatment

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Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina (PCANC) welcomes Ed Speedling, MSW, MHA, FACHE, of Charlotte to its 2017/2018 statewide board of directors. Speedling joins a team of 14 volunteer leaders dedicated…

Child Abuse legal definition of Child Abuse - Legal …

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina (PCANC), North Carolina’s only statewide organization dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect, presents the inaugural “5 Factors 5K Walk & Run” at…

First Case of Child Abuse 1874 - Private Family Matter

(2009) (PDF)
This fact sheet explains the prevalence and consequences of child physical abuse, and offers guidance on how to recognize and help children who are being physically abused.

Long-Term Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect

The resources listed below explain the nature, prevalence, and impact of physical abuse and provide information on its prevention and treatment.

Approximately 5 children die every day because of child abuse.

The increase in reporting rates over this entire period is due to: (1) increased incidents of child abuse/neglect as a result of increased economic pressures on families, (2) increased use of illegal drugs, and (3) greater public awareness of child abuse/neglect.

Effects, Signs & Symptoms of Physical & Sexual Abuse

Children who are physically abused can develop child traumatic stress. They are also at risk for depression and anxiety. Child abuse has been linked to poor physical, emotional, and mental development.

Physical abuse can be any kind of hitting, shaking ..

While this suggests that child abuse/neglect has increased significantly, data are not available on the number of reports that were actually substantiated (that is, where it was determined that abuse or neglect had occurred).