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Borderline Personality Disorder is one of ten personality disorders listed in the DSM-5.

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The site goes on to share the following diagnostic criteria presently being used to evaluate children who exhibit early signs pointing to the development of extreme behaviors or Anti-Social personality disorders.

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The DSM-5 lists several criteria that must be met in order for someone to be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.
I see this kind of misunderstanding all the time in my practice. In particular, I see a pattern where early childhood neglect and abuse leads to a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and all of the stigma associated with that — not to mention the implication that the problem is an intractable part of their personality. It adds insult to injury in the worst possible way. And in light of the experiences of severe trauma we are able to uncover in therapy, all of the ‘borderline’ symptoms make sense as an understandable reaction to the trauma, not something inherently wrong with the client.


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NARRATOR (ADEN GILLETT): In the 1980s Multiple Personality Disorder became the talk of the town. Tens of thousands of Americans were diagnosed with an illness that was previously almost unheard of. A trigger for this sudden epidemic was the release of a film Sybil. Telling the dramatic story of a woman diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder, the film was shown across America making Sybil a household name. But now Sybil's original diagnosis is being challenged. The psychiatric community is divided and people are asking whether MPD exists at all.

NARRATOR: The world of Multiple Personality Disorder is a world where patient and therapist can be one and the same, where critics believe that the major symptom of the illness is created through its treatment. The doctors who believe it is real continue to trust in their treatment. As in the days of Cornelia Wilbur therapists who believe their patients have multiple personalities aim to merge them into one. They still call it integration.

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HERBERT SPIEGEL: I have not seen an authentic multiple personality personally, but I have seen many, many potential multiple personalities which I could have contributed to developing had I chosen to. It's a behaviour game that's going on and since a therapist is calling the shots the therapist has the ability to call an end to it.

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PAUL McHUGH: In psychotherapy we are trying to find an explanation that will fit the patient's troubles. It's perfectly true that we don't necessarily find the exact truth when we're working in psychotherapy with a patient, but look, it is not helpful to the patient to produce very implausible ideas and use them as the vehicles to try to bring psychotherapy along. Multiple personality, the idea that they've split up into 5, 50, 500 personalities is so implausible that it only opens the doors to more and more outrageous ideas rather than more and more plausible ways of seeing yourself as a person in a life trying to do your best within it.

formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder

NARRATOR: This is contested. Those who treat MPD say they are aware that memories may be unreliable in vulnerable people and this has been noted in the official diagnostic manual. They have also changed the name Multiple Personality Disorder to Dissociative Identity Disorder and the therapists continue diagnosing. Indeed, if their patients express doubts about their diagnosis some therapists may see this as evidence that their patients have the disorder.

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HERBERT SPIEGEL: Once the Sybil story took off it stirred the interests of a, of a number of therapists to establish training institutes where they attracted therapists to come along to learn how to "diagnose" translated meaning how to train people to become multiples. They called them hospitals, but I would refer to them as training institutes for multiple personality. They not only trained the therapists for doing it, but they trained the patients at the same time how to comply or how to develop an alliance with the therapist to bring about this phenomenon. In essence it took on a cult-like quality.