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Take a look at written paper - Outline for Monroe's Motivated Sequence.
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How listeners Process Persuasive Messages:
They constantly assess the speaker credibility. In other words, are you informed, trustworthy, believable, and still objective?
Processing sometimes happens slowly - the Sleeper Effect. We may not act on a message until possibly days, months, or longer after hearing the message.
If the message is perceived to be offensive or somehow unethical or inappropriate, a boomerang effect may occur. The reverse of what the persuader had intended.


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A great speaker transfers their
conviction(energy) to the audience
Knowledge + experience = deep conviction,
producing enthusiasm, resulting in persuasion.
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Start Early
Session 20 complete problem point with citations
Session 21 complete solution and visualization pt.
Session 22 complete entire outline with works cited pg.


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Monroe's Motivated Sequence is an organizational pattern for a Problem-Solution Speech or a Persuasive Speech on a Proposition of Policy. For your benefit, the outline is labeled to indicate which part relates to each of the steps in Monroe's Motivated Sequence. If you choose to use this pattern for your outline, you do not need to label the parts of the outline according to the steps in the sequence.

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Your first point in the body of the speech must create the awareness of a serious problem using
examples, expert testimony, and statistics.
Audience response,
"That is a great idea!"

Slice and dice the assignment

Your plan.
Present steps
that reveal how your plan
will work to solve the
emotional appeals.
This is a prezi
Monroe's Motivated Sequence
Mayer's cognitive theory of multimedia learning
Step 1:
Gain Attention
Without a well established problem
Step 2:
State the Problem
Step 3:
State your Solution
Step 4:
Visualize Rewards
and Consequences
Step 5: Call for
Specific Action
The Zebra
Speak with conviction!!!
The Zebra Makes
Your Prezi snap, crackle,
and pop!
Type content here!
Insert images, power point slides,
youtube, drawings, customize themes.
The use of Prezi may result in many hours lost in
the magic of the canvas as well as other awesome side effects including but not limited to: more fun,
more snap, crackle and pop,
more wow,
more zip,
more zoom!
These side effects may lead to additional side effects of: brilliant appeal,
to your presentation,
in the most dull of subjects, and increased student
Overdosing on this innovative combination may result in spontaneous presenting.

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Step 3 Satisfying the Need: Your Solution
In this step in the speech you must urge the adoption of a policy that has the purpose of getting your listeners to agree with your solution. Here you present your solution in a manner that the listeners will find practical and desirable. We can think of good persuasion is limiting options that your audience will perceive as being acceptable.